Stop the planet, I (Sometimes) Want to Get Off!

27 February, 2014

Stop the planet, I (Sometimes) Want to Get Off!

Knowing something and living through it are two different things entirely. For years, decades even, many of us have ‘known’ that as we make the shift into the new (meaning new ways of living and being, new systems and structures taking the place of old ones, new awareness entering our consciousness), humanity would go through a turbulent transition period.

I can’t remember the amount of times I (and others) have written something along the lines of ‘everything not in alignment with the higher frequency energies will collapse or transform’.  I’ve also written, which I have to laugh at now, things along the lines of: ‘Don’t focus on the demolition dust.’  Ha! Easier said than done when we look around at the moment!

Our lives, the lives of families and friends, our social media newsfeeds, our sources of news, are filled to the brim with one story after another about the intense transformative period we are all in right now. We are seeing the extreme lengths governments and corporations are taking to tighten the noose of control over society, and maintain their power.

It is sickening and stomach-churning, and it’s all very well to know that it’s part of the process, but at the end of the day we are human, with hearts and feelings, and it is mind-boggling and emotionally challenging to witness the most dense aspects of our humanity confronting us in such vivid colour, with such constantness.

So, knowing something and living through it are very different things. Knowing it means using an analogy like this, as I must admit is my fave way, to explain to people what is going to happen: “Anytime we want to give our house or attic a spring-clean, it always looks a whole lot messier during the clearing process as all the rubbish and clutter comes up, but it looks fab once we are done.” Great analogy, but you know what, quite devoid of the actual fricken emotional reality of going through massive change!

Living it meanwhile looks like this: “Holy &#@^ why is this taking so long? How long does it take for a planet and humanity to wake up already? Stop the planet I want to get off! No really, let’s go somewhere else. Who’s got a rocket handy? Oh I can’t get off? Oh *#&#!!! Well what do I do? I think I’ll share this post/video/petition and this one and this one! Oh man, there are so many stories happening today, this is overwhelming. I need to get off the internet!

Oh god, there was another solar flare, and now we are feeling them a thousand times more intensely, how much more of this can we take? Okay okay, calm down, this is part of the process. Everything of the ‘old’ is going to rear its head, we knew this. Whether it’s an inner issue or an external power structure, we knew this was going to happen. But oh my god, this feels like crap and it looks like crap, because humanity WE DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!! And oh my god, why is this taking so long??!”

So if you’re feeling like this, you’re not alone. We knew transformation was coming, but really I think we wanted it to happen overnight, or at least over a faster period of time. And I think we really under-estimated the ‘resistance’ there would be, as the ‘old systems’ not only dig in their heels but go into over-drive. And it’s more in our face due to the internet. But on the positive side, I have never ever ever experienced SO many people awake and awakening and conscious and out there changing and transforming and taking action whether on a large scale or on a smaller scale just changing the products that go into the family shopping trolley.

Huge change IS happening, and it is a really wonderful gift to be here at this time, and from a mind/higher perspective the injustice we see always triggers the call for positive action. Yet our hearts are opening, and so now we are seeing from our hearts more than we are seeing from our minds and higher perspective. This heart opening is a double-edged gift because on the one hand it makes us feel more connected and more compassionate, but on the other hand it makes it all the more difficult to witness injustice, corruption, repression and so on. We feel everything more deeply, including what we perceive as our own personal failings or wounds.

Today, as we despair and rage about the state of the world, it’s also a good day to take a moment to realise: Well, the very fact I am feeling this, and the very fact millions of people seem to be feeling like this now around the world, tells me that our hearts are opening. And if millions, if not billions of hearts are opening, then maybe that is the gateway that allows us all to move into and create a whole new world, with new ways, new systems and structures.

This is a good thing, but the process of it is not an easy thing. A lot of grief, feelings of futility, sadness and anger are coming up for everyone as we go through this gigantic shift together. You are not alone in this. Just by being here, you are helping. Oh god, that sounds so airy, but really it’s true. Your light, your presence IS helping. Hang in there!!!
Something I find that always helps is to just take a deep breath and stop the feeling of urgency, stop the racing around mentally and physically. Know that in THIS moment, all you can do is whatever you are doing in THIS moment. Our mind can get carried away with all the things we ‘need’ to do be it on our daily to do list, or our life to do list, or on our ‘mission’ to do list.

We have been wired for so long to focus on what we don’t have, or haven’t done yet, instead of appreciating all we do have, and all we have done, and all that we have become. We are human as well as soul super beings…and the human part of us can only do so much each moment and each day. Stop, revive, and thrive….empty the mind, take a breath, appreciate what you have within you and around you right NOW…and as the saying goes, it’s all okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included.


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