Open the Door

Busy night of dreams…was sitting in a hairdresser’s chair while she talked to me about doing something different to my hair, telling me that I would like it, and did I want to try it?  I was unsure but finally agreed to let them go ahead (somehow a man appeared to do what I had said yes to) and I did love the result when it was done.  What sticks out for me were these words she said to me as she spun me around to look in the mirror, “Now that you’ve opened the door….”

At first I was confused when I woke up.  What that was about?  Until I realised the dream snippet wasn’t about hairdressing at all, it was about my life and opportunities for change and growth.  I see that I have opened a door for more just by saying yes.  Being willing to change opens doors.

What are you saying yes to?



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