Happy Valentine’s Day

Yeah I know, I’m a little slow.  But the wishes are still the same.  Love from my heart to yours.

Our town spent Valentine’s Day without power for most of the day.  I was on the road and my first clue that the power was out was when I got off the highway around ten a.m. and the stoplights were not working at the main intersection in town.  Everyone was doing a nice four-way stop, waiting for everyone else to take their appropriate turn before they went through the intersection.  I was impressed at how it was working with nary a cop in sight to direct traffic.  Then as I drove through town, I noticed there were no lights in any of the downtown businesses.  Strange, I thought.  Even our bowling alley’s sign wasn’t lit up.  So I called and asked, no electric?  Seems the whole town that is serviced by the local utility was down.  Someone had hit a transformer up on one of our back roads and took down the entire town.  Well, I was in my nice, warm car so I sat in it until my next pick up.  I questioned by phone whether I should be even doing it since it involved an infant being taken to a place with no power either but was told to go ahead anyway.

The lack of power caused problems for every trip we did today as the children we were picking up to take to visits with their parents were being taken to a place with no heat and no lights.  The last one, though I tried to unsuccessfully get in touch with the person supervising the visit, ended up with three cars in the parking lot of the closed local library and a parent and child unable to have the scheduled visit, and all of us wondering how to get this kid home.  I had picked her up from an out-of-town school and no one was supposed to take her home for two hours.  We finally worked that out and I then went and picked up the previous kids from their visit to return them home.  They ended that visit early because it was getting chilly in there.

All in all, a strange, hectic day.  But I came home a half an hour early and lo and behold, the power had come on there so my house wasn’t cold!  And I didn’t have to use candles!  Yay!  I should have guessed it was going to be an odd day after my husband started the day by giving me a valentine card that was strangely thoughtful (instead of his usual not my-taste-funny) and chocolates.  He normally forgets.  And it’s not a big deal to me and hasn’t been for years so it was surprising that he did that.  Where was all this attention when I wanted it…?  I appreciate the sentiment though.

We had more snow last night but it warmed up enough to melt a lot of it today.  What is left is heavy and good snowman making material.  Maybe I’ll take Kaia out tomorrow and build one, she’s here with me tonight.  Supposedly warmer weather is coming our way next week.  That sounds good.  We didn’t get it as hard as most of the country did but we have had our share of the white, cold stuff for months.

Today (2/14) was my long time, online friend Sumr’s birthday.  A Valentine baby!  Happy Belated Sumr!  I meant to do this in the morning but the snow wiped it out of my head….so, big hugs to you.  Hope it was as nice as you are.


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