It’s Always Your Choice

* Whoaaa.  I just turned on the tv after pushing “publish” to maybe catch the Olympics and what did I immediately run across??  An interview with Demi Lovato as she was saying, “If you want to be happy, CHOOSE to be happy.”   I am so glad I published this, wasn’t really sure about doing so….signs confirmed, GO!  Must be this is a needed post for someone.  Enjoy.

The video below is of Abraham and their way of saying, “You create your own reality.”

Lately I have run across many people, family, friends, and acquaintances, or maybe I am just noticing them more, who are poster children for victimhood.  I know they don’t realise it and I also know that unless they are ready for change, they won’t change the role in which they cast themselves.  It’s difficult at times to watch knowing what I now know, and I often wish I could help them find their way to feeling better about life.  I’ve tried.  Doesn’t work if the person is not ready.

Here’s what I would say if I could make a difference:

Choose your thoughts.  Wake up each day and decide to choose more joyful thoughts.  Decide to reach for a higher vibration.  It might be a stretch, but it’s definitely doable in small steps.  It is a decision to play the victim just as it is a decision to not be a victim.  Choose to feel positive.  Decide to be happy.  Choose and create your life.  Choose your reactions to your creations, for you did, indeed, despite all past teachings to the contrary, create your life.  You are not a victim.  You are a creator.  It all starts with your individual choices.

Don’t take on other people’s shit.  Don’t agree if someone tells you you suck, either verbally or nonverbally.  You know you don’t suck, you might be having an off moment/day but you don’t suck.  They don’t know you or understand your life experiences.  Their opinion is just that, theirs.  Let them keep it.

Choose how you want to feel.  Do you want to choose ~ oh no, poor me, poor us, poor world, life sucks and it will never get better?  Or do you purposely choose to respond with kindness and compassion, noticing the positive aspects, the experiences and the learning available for yourself and for others around situations and events?  Those things are always there, you just are not seeing them.  The first choice puts a fence and a straitjacket around you.  The second choice allows for growth.

Choose to nourish yourself, not discourage.  Do something, anything physical to change your thoughts and mood.  Go for a walk, listen to music, pet your animal, dance, craft, chat, read a joke book, build something, cook a delicious meal just for you.  Do something that raises your joy level.  Stop thinking and get up and do it!  Get the hell out of your head!

Say, I do not have the whole soul perspective but I am willing to be open so I can at least find a wider perspective.  I, for one, don’t know everything, nor much of anything actually, and it is not up to me to judge anyone, including myself.  This is a habit many of us have as humans and one I have long struggled to break.  It lifted a huge load off of me when I was able to let that go, and it allowed me to open up to a larger perspective.  I found that my viewpoint may be a bit narrower than I thought,and that there probably is another way to look at this.   

To maintain a higher vibration, I choose not to focus on what’s “wrong”.  I choose not to watch negative news programs or shows that disparage people.  I am quite uncomfortable in that atmosphere.  I choose to stay out of arguments and walk away from negative people.  I choose to not feed into the fear or to be fed by the fear of others.  That doesn’t help anyone.  I choose to feed that which nourishes me and not what depletes me.  It’s self-care, not selfishness.  This is my choice and I make no apologies for it.

When I stumble, and there’s no doubt I still do, I don’t beat myself up for it.  I don’t suck.  I stumbled.  Instead I love myself enough to choose once again to live life in a way that makes me feel good.  I start over again all the time.  That’s how it works, choose and choose again (one of Eloheim’s extremely useful tools) how you want to feel.   You can wallow in misery or you can make a new choice.

I may not know what’s next but I do know that I am in charge of my reactions in the next moment.  And my reactions can be positive or negative.  It’s my choice, always, where I put my focus and my energies and how I react to life.  Thankfully, I can make new choices anytime!  I don’t have to continue doing what I was doing previously.  There’s a freedom in knowing that, and I love it.

Speaking of choices, a few weeks ago, I followed a suggestion to create a circle of joy beside my bed that I call forth and step into when I wake up.  I raise my arms in this circle and breathe it into my being.  I see it as a golden ray of light coming from above, through my floor and into Gaia.  A ray full of color, sparkles and abundance.  My circle includes an abundance of joy, money and possibilities.  I walk out of my room with a smile in my heart when I do this and my day goes very well.  I feel good.  Last week, I forgot to do that and look what I allowed to happen?  Fear crept in and sideswiped me.  It was not a pleasant few days until I made a new choice.

We made choices for the direction of our lives before we incarnated.  And though we may not understand the how and why, it’s here for us to experience.  Our reactions are our free will, human choices to make.

It’s always your decision and choice in every moment as to what you allow in your life.  One, only you can make.  If it makes you miserable, why are you allowing it in your life?  Again, it’s all about choices.

Finally, sometimes our choices are not consciously made.  When you find yourself wondering how the heck something happened that you didn’t choose, remember, you did choose it, sometimes just by not making a solid choice.  You let it happen out of default.  Or out of habit.  Or by not speaking up.  It is supremely helpful to do the deep, inner work to find out “what makes you tick”, ie why you are the way you are.  It brings out to the light all the unlooked at stuff inside that you haven’t want to examine, which then clears your emotional load and allows you to make changes.  You stop making choices based on unresolved, unconscious emotional crap or “baggage,” as Eloheim calls it and begin making them based on a clearer perspective more suited to you and your soul’s preferences.  It’s not easy or sunshine and rainbows, but once you get through it, well, all I can say is, Wow.  You will feel so much better!  And life does become clearer once you choose from a more conscious level. Ask for help if you need it.

Everything is a choice, from what you do, to what you say, what you think, what you eat, what you put on your body, what you watch on tv, where you work, who you befriend, talk to, love or leave behind, to how you act and react, and everything in between.  This earth is a free will zone and we have choices.  Choose to place your focus on what is loving, supportive, and nourishing.  The other way is far too painful.

It’s all your choice.  Kinda scary having all that power, isn’t it?


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