Taking Care of Odds and Ends

At this point in time, it seems to be all I can do just to stay warm instead of thinking about all I need to do to move.  When I get out of my car (for my job), it takes me at least an hour to warm back up when I get back in, even if I only leave the car for a few minutes to gas up.  The weather extremes this year so far are amazing.  Subfreezing temperatures, snow, droughts, this country is experiencing it all.  In this area, it’s extreme cold and plenty of snow.  The heat bills are outrageous this month, forcing many to choose which bill to pay or how much to put in their cupboards.  The food banks are doing a brisk business.

In other personal, non-news, last weekend I took a small load of nice odds and ends over to the Animal Shelter’s new shop where they sell gently used and new stuff.  If I had been staying here, this is just the kind of place I would go to putter around in and pick up a few things.  I love these kinds of places.  It’s a fairly new shop and it’s a fund-raiser for our volunteer shelter.  One item I did buy was a Christmas village house for my daughter who has a collection she puts up every year.  It was so cute and only two dollars.  I couldn’t resist.

I also took in a couple of items yesterday to the sale table at work and they were immediately snatched up by a coworker, adding more money to my going away fund.   I have enough cash now to buy my plane ticket!

Late last week I broke down and ordered a Kindle so I can have English books to read in my new home.  I’m not sure how easy it would be to buy books down there so this way I am covered.  I just cannot be without a book to read.  It was a good deal on Amazon and I used my Christmas gift money.  The Kindle came yesterday, really quick!  And now I have to figure out how to use it.   😀

I had my eyes opened by a few articles this past weekend about how the Panamanians tend to believe all Americans are rich and it’s okay to take advantage of rich gringos.  We didn’t run into any of them, well except one taxi driver, but hey I got taken by one of those in NYC so I wasn’t surprised, just wasn’t sure how to handle the situation either time.  It made me feel down for a bit and begin to question myself.  One good thing about there being three of us doing this together is that when one of us hits a low point, the others can offer support and common sense.  Last week, it was me and another one helping the third one gain some clarity. It helps tremendously.  Plus, I use my Eloheim tools to work my way out of the hole.

I’m not giving myself or you a timeline, I will let it happen instead of trying so hard to get a rigid date set and then being disappointed when things don’t happen the way I think they should.  All I can say is, soon.



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