Grey Skies and Shivers

How does -10ºF strike you? 

In the daytimes, temps range from about 6º to 15º without factoring in any windchill.

Tonight it’s subzero.

And that’s why I want to live in a warm climate.

Yes, snow is pretty.  For a minute, on Christmas Eve. 

It is not fun to drive in.  Just watch your newscasts.  And my area has been relatively easy hit, according to midwest standards.

It’s been a hell of a winter.  I had NO plans to be here this year. 

In fact, I gave away more than 2/3’s of my winter wardrobe last summer, and I am mighty sick of what I kept to wear these days, none of it being the warmest stuff I had.

I am COLD.  I hate being cold.  And it’s been like this for weeks.  I am wearing double sets of Cuddleduds (long underwear), three layers on top, two pairs of socks, boots, coat, scarf, thinsulate gloves, and still, I can’t get warm for a couple of hours after I leave my car for any reason.     

At home,  I sit under blankets still wearing my Cuddleduds.  Kept toasty warm by my cats, with no desire to get up and do anything.

Our house was constructed in 1850.  The kitchen is built over a crawl space in what used to be a porch long ago so the sink drain freezes every single time it’s like this.  Therefore, the drains have been frozen for weeks now.  Makes it inconvenient to cook or keep up with dishes.  (Oh darn.  😀  ) 

Day after day, the skies are grey and bleary.  I prefer sun, white clouds, and blue skies with birds chirping and flying around.


Yes, I am extremely appreciative of a warm home and enough food and money to pay the heat bills. But it’s time for a change.

I am DONE with being cold.


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