Happy Anniversary LH&S

I am celebrating my 3rd Anniversary writing my own blog!  Holy cow!  Yay me!  WordPress reminded me of this fact yesterday.  I am so amazed at this.  Three whole years.  I had totally forgotten this was the point three years ago when I decided to start my own blog, and with shaking hands and great trepidation and wondering who the heck I thought I was, I published my first post.

Who would have thought I would have my own writing spot and that other people would actually choose to read my writings?  For sure not me!  I used to write long posts on the group I was in prior to this and often felt like I wrote too much.  But it always felt like I had so much to say and no one to share it with in my personal life, so out it came on there.  I love helping others feel better about themselves and their lives, and whether it was my own wisdom bubbling up in a post or sharing favorite pieces from other teachers and writers, off I would go.

As a lifelong, prolific reader, I also love to write.  I love words.  I admired other writers but never believed I could do it.  Well, now I know I can and though it may not be up to a pro’s standards, it comes from my heart.  Sometimes I tend towards run-on sentences and I miss words or use the wrong grammar and I apologise for that and will try to correct it later if I see it, but I want to freely write on the topics that interest me and here I can do that.  If others read my words, great!  Bonus!  And extra blessings for me!  If not, well, truly, don’t we all do what we do for our own good feelings?  It’s for me.  It’s a choiceless choice.  I have to write.

Three years in and I keep wondering if the topics will dry up.  It doesn’t seem so.  Even more amazing, other people “follow” me now, people I don’t know, and they continue to grow in numbers all the time.

So Happy Anniversary to Life Heart and Soul!  And thank you to all those who choose to come here, read my stuff and comment.  I am honored.


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  1. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog, Dorothy. it’s amazing how many beautiful writers there are sharing their thoughts around the internet. Enjoying talking about the same kind of topics, supporting each other as we learn and grow. You’d think we’d done it before! I’m sure we have, love to you


    • Aw thanks Sue. I appreciate the kind words. I know, I read so many other fabulous writers since I found out about blogging! It’s how I get my spiritual fixes lol. I love the synchronicities of everyone’s experiences. Plus, I take writing lessons all the time when reading other blogs….. 🙂


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