A Generation With A Higher Potential

What we are saying to you is you are in a generation of human beings who have a higher potential than any before you to, as a mass, reach that height of seeing perception than ever before. We are so excited for you. We are little ahead of most of you there. We understand it is hard to feel, but some of you will get it if you just sit with what we are saying. Tune into the vibration coming through….
We are so excited for what you as human beings are about to experience in the coming years. This enlightenment is going to be extraordinary. Things will move so fast. That is why everything is speeding up now, so you get used to it. That is why these major releases are happening. This is why synchronicities are faster than ever. This is why the magic grids you are connected to are lighting up. This is why you are meeting the people that you need to meet. This is why you are feeling you have to drop everything you thought you would be doing for years and years and years. This is why none of it makes sense to the mind. What a gift. (Laughter) What a gift to be free of the mind.
~~Zachary through Lee, from Opening Beyond Fear

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