Sweet Moments

Favorite 2013 Christmas day memories:

We started the day by going to my daughter’s house for breakfast and gifts.  My daughter made a wonderful meal, the kids were in really good moods, and it was a sweet way to begin the day. 

My 15-year-old grandson’s happiness at seeing the desk for his room that he had asked his mom for a couple of weeks ago.  His request was for an old, beat up, hand me down one so he was surprised to get a new one.  He and his grandfather immediately went upstairs and put it together for him.  He actually smiled!  A feat during this hormonal filled time.

Who knew a large selection of various peanut butter flavors would make someone’s face light up?  That was my daughter’s brilliant idea for her dad’s gift who never shows any excitement over his gifts.  This one was a score.

My husband vacuumed the entire house while I did other stuff yesterday to get ready for the Christmas meal.  I didn’t even ask.  Whoa.

My daughter gave me a silver necklace with three small, graduated, connected circles symbolising our three generational connections of love.  I adore it.  I had been looking for a necklace for her with the same thoughts in mind but hadn’t found the right one yet.  Great minds think alike.

My son came to my house 45 minutes early before dinner.  He came straight from work.  What a great surprise!

Dinner was fun, lots of humor flying around the table.  I just looked around and thought, oh my, this is the stuff I am going to miss!  (It only happens twice a year so I guess I can figure out how to make that happen.)  I love love my son’s funny bone.  We share the same one but he is far quicker and cleverer than I am!  I laugh all the time around him.  You know, during those few times he manages to visit with me lol.  He made dinner and the gift giving hilarious.

We got my son a keg for Christmas for his garage where he keeps his beer on tap.  His very favorite, rather expensive brand of beer.  His sister had the idea (she was full of good ones this year).  Another moment of face lighting up there.  Yeah, we did good.  LOL.  Beer and peanut butter, the way to a man’s heart.

I got some unexpected, warm hugs, all voluntary, from my grandson.  Ahhhhh.  So very sweet to be on the receiving end of that.  It’s been a long while since that happened.  It made my heart happy.   He is not openly affectionate these days so it was a surprise to have him do it on his own.  The best gift ever for me.  I also got a kiss and hug from my son.  These guys have no idea how loved it makes me when they do things like that.  Because I remember the years they spent sitting and cuddling with me of their own volition and miss it now that they are “grown”.  They both were big cuddlers and very much “my” boys as little guys and it feels great when they express affection as big guys.

Yesterday was a really good day all around.  I did have moments of “what am I doing leaving this? this is so nice…..”  And then I remembered Eloheim telling me it’s too easy for me to get caught up in family stuff and old habits and put off what I dream of doing, again.  Right.  Got it.  I can make these memories and still go off and do new things.    

I hope you all made some sweet memories of your own.

May you all feel the love and blessings of the heart this year. 


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