Lee Harris: Power, Energy and Your Body

Don’t forget the power of your words to intend.

So for example, I often use, “I return to my own energy field. I return to my own energy field.”

And this is when I feel I have maybe become too immersed with other people’s energy fields or I notice I’m a little off balance and I realize I’ve been busy. So by saying “I return to my own energy field” I get to summon back all of the pieces of me that I may have left with other people and I bring back my core strength. Our core strength is always still here, even if it has moved outside of our center, it can’t leave us fully.

But it can go to the edge of our energy fields when we are off center, and what we need then is for it to come back to the center whenever we are starting to feel a little shaky in our systems. This shakiness can show up in thoughts, higher emotions than usual, or just through sensory awareness.  ~~Lee, from December Energy Forecast – The Unification of Human and Spirit

I use this one a lot especially when I find myself stewing about something that I have no control over and is not my business!  I had to employ it today, in fact!


You can draw back your power…draw in your power and draw on your power, for your power is far wider then you believe.  It goes deeper then you’ve experienced and the time on Earth now is a call to power for everyone.

This consciousness that’s flooding in – we’re all being asked to drink of it and to accept it, not to fight it.  There might be some fight as it comes in.  You might resist.  You might feel old parts of yourself fighting this new freedom, this new abundance.  Don’t judge yourself if you do, but recognize you no longer need to fight.

You can just surrender and the more you surrender the easier everything will become even if initially it doesn’t feel that way, you’ll soon see.  It’s like riding a wave.  It can look a little daunting, but once you’re in there you feel alive.  ~~Lee, from Personal Power

I never realised how powerful I was until a few years ago.  I thought I was a victim and had no power at all.  That is when everything began to change within and for me.


Your human bodies have never had to go through these frequencies on Earth. There is nothing in the memory code of this body from any of your ancestors that has had to deal with such a time.

So, love yourselves back to vibrational harmony. Especially those of you who work a great deal with computer energy, which is growing on Earth. Balance it with nature. Balance it with fresh air. Nothing beats fresh air, even city fresh air. This is very important for you to remember. It is not a luxury to go for a walk in the park, it is a necessity.

Ingrain that in your mind and your experience of life will get easier. ~~Zapharia through Lee, from A Self-Love Journey – Self Love and The Mind

No wonder my body has been in such an uproar these last few years.  Whew!  Pain and discomfort has been my constant companion for years.  I just thought it was a normal part of getting older but finally decided it was not that, it was growth and the process of releasing the accumulated past energy that were the issues.  I feel better all the time with each new growth spurt.


Selections from Lee Harris channelings


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