Burn Those Bridges

“The challenges that come up are not for the purpose of distracting you, they’re not for the purpose of diverting you, they’re for the purpose of allowing you to home in more clearly what that [intended] frequency is because many times, the way your reality is laid out, you understand more clearly who you are by being given the example more clearly of who you are not.  In every thought word and deed, be that you.  Be the you that you prefer to be.  Allow yourself to change because change is a constant.  Be open to your higher mind bringing you gifts and surprises and the unexpected.  Choose to be how you know you are.  Plain and simple.”  Bashar

Yesterday I had a tiny meltdown after I found a forum about Panama while I was on a quest to find photos of Panama to share.  I thought, cool!  Now I can get some information here from people who might know about a topic for which I have been trying unsuccessfully to find an answer.  As I skimmed the posts, I found more and more negativity in this forum.  The forum was filled with folks who had moved to Panama, left Panama, visited Panama, etc, and most of what they talked about was how corrupt it was, how horrible it was, how dirty it was, how expensive it was.  Anything negative that they could spew, they posted it.  Wow.  I felt dirty and infected when I finally realized what I was doing to myself and left the page!

This was so not my experience.  The whole time we were there, I only met one person with whom I was uncomfortable and that was a taxi driver who blatantly overcharged us.  I was not sure how to handle it so we paid it and got out.  We were there for two weeks and every other person we met was so warm and welcoming and friendly that, as you know, I fell totally in love with the people.  And the views.  And the climate.  As for corrupt, well, the US is not pure as the driven snow either, nor is any other country on Earth at this point.  I would say the US might have a lead, albeit it in a subtler manner.  My partners and I discussed this very thing last week about our families’ fears of us living in Panama.  One was an example of tourists getting murdered on the road there.  Yeah.  Both Canada and the US have examples of that happening in our own countries.  So this part does not worry me at all.  That’s not my intention or chosen frequency.  But the forum touched on some stuff that I guess has been lingering in me, unawares.

I shared this icky experience with my Eloheim group because I just needed somewhere to let it out and a way to work through why I brought this in to my life right now.  They helped me to see that my own fears magnetized this to me so I could deal with them consciously.  So I could deal with them, period.  What a blessing these people are because so many answered me, threw me a rope and pulled me out that stupid, negativity-filled pit.  They offered me clarity which is what I needed to hear over my own fears.

In the above video, Bashar talks about the vibration and physics of intention, about the absolute commitment to be your true self.  Using his analogy, I have crossed a bridge to another version of myself and along the way, yesterday’s challenge of fear of making the wrong choices and putting value on others’ opinions have been met and  faced.  This is the challenge I needed to stand toe to toe with so I could change my reaction to it.  Done.

Now watch me turn and throw a flaming torch onto that bridge.  Whooosh!  And with a smile, I watch it go up in flames so I CAN NOT RETREAT to the old me.  Ah, lovely bonfire I got going there.  😀

This is the me I choose to be.

There are no other choices.  This is the most exciting thing I can think of doing.  There are no other choices at this moment.  Period.


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  1. interesting how life throws us lessons to learn huh? I found this to be true thru reading a course in miracles and BANG things just kept coming to learn hahahaha, glad for your bridge burning.


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