You Can’t Screw Up

Morning Message 2013-12-07  


When contemplating any path, it is important to keep a few things in mind: You can’t screw up – sure different paths have different destinations. It’s only when you are fixated on outcome that a destination is a failure. Let yourself off the hook of “I can’t try because I will fail,” that’s the surest way to stagnation there is.  


Keep your eyes open. Meaning as you travel the new path keep re-evaluating your direction step-by-step and allow for co…urse shifts in any moment where clarity offers an option that feels appropriate. Otherwise, the path you are on was chosen by a previous version of you!  


Be kind to yourself always. New paths bring fresh uncertainties which offer new discomforts. This is normal. Change feels different than the previous state. Different does not equal wrong. It means different. Celebrate your willingness to abide in this discomfort of the unknown and the uncertain. That is where creativity lives and new experiences are found.  


Life is a crooked road. Recall how you met your partner, how you got your job, even how you came to see this message. How many things fell into place to create that opportunity? What strange coincidences and unusual happenings were involved? Every moment is chock-full of pieces from all over your life. It’s a puzzle you assemble. A puzzle that shifts and moves. It’s more like a dance than a direction. Feel yourself move.  


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