Addy and Pearl

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I have two cats.  I love my girls with all my heart and I have struggled with what is best for them ever since I began thinking of moving out quite awhile ago.  What would I do with them?  They can’t stay here, he is not an animal person and they are not bonded with him.  How could I even leave them knowing we are so connected?  They follow me around the house and take turns claiming my lap if I sit down, or they sit on the floor nearby.  They are always with me if I am in the house.    Do I take one and leave one?  How stressed would they be if I took them with me?  Would they mind being separated?  They are both older cats so I did not want to stress them out if they didn’t want to go.  Who would talk to them like I do if I could even find someone?  Who would answer them back when they jump up and talk?  Who would actually take two cats who like to upchuck at least once a day?  In weird places.  Who do I know who would gladly clean up their messes, especially the litterbox?  Who could afford to take on two more cats?

It’s been a conundrum.  I have changed my mind over and over.

I have written about animal communicator Dawn Baumann Brunke.  I devoured her books a few years ago and last week I “happened” on her fb page.  I didn’t know she did sessions! Yay!  I checked her out and her fees were extremely reasonable so with much relief, I contacted her and set one up.  Now I can get answers!  Or confirmation of what I really thought was going on in their heads.

Boy did I get an earful.  I found out Addy has quite a dry sense of humor, she likes to laugh at herself.  And that is cool, no cats 010wonder we are so connected, she has my humor!  The girls respect each other, but are very different.  Yes, I knew that.  Pearl is quite acats 006 bit older than I was told, apparently the shelter got the wrong information and she is getting tired.  She can’t see as well as she used to and is slowing down.  I have noticed that.  Addy is younger and has a much younger energy, Dawn told me.  Neither had any traumatic experiences before coming to me, which I loved hearing.  Both are cautious and a bit guarded until they get comfortable with things.  Yes. Perfect.  Dawn got my kitties.

Both girls feel the layers of energy are in this house.  They both are aware of things going on underneath the surface.  It’s tiring for both.  I felt sad I had been putting them through this.

So, the million dollar question.  What do they want to do in this move?  Neither wants to stay here in this house.  Addy is adamant that she wants to go with me and does NOT want to be left behind.  She is bonded to me completely.  She wants to go with me to Panama, she is ready for some adventure, she said.  She even suggested she might like to try going outside.  Which cracks me up a lot.  She has never tried very hard to go out and the only time I ever took her out on the porch, she had a massive freak out so I had to take her back inside really quickly!  She is ready and willing to do what it takes to travel to where we are going.  Dawn gave me some suggestions to help Addy with the travel and transition process.

Pearl, on the other hand, is tired and wants to stay.  I suggested she could go live with my granddaughter, who loves her dearly and Pearl loves her back.  Pearl was pleased with that.  Dawn said Pearl will do fine there, that that is a good place for her.  Dawn also said it looked like Pearl would be around for only about two more years.  I told her to tell Pearl to lay down and leave her body when she felt it was time, not to get sick and linger.  I don’t want anyone to have to through that again.  (Erin had said earlier she would take the girls if it worked out that way and she did agree to take Pearl for me.  Kaia has no idea yet.  We feel Pearl will help her to transition without me, too.)

In addition, Dawn told me that the energy is set for us in Panama, that everything is bright and shiny there for us.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear all this.  I feel like a big, heavy weight has lifted off of me!  I get to take one of my girls with me and now I know for sure she actually wants to go.  My Pearlie has a good home with a little girl who will love her for the rest of her life.  And the bonus is having another unexpected confirmation that we have a bright future in Panama!



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