Signs: What was lost is found


So, in the last week and a half, on three separate days, I found 2 wallets and a small duffel bag/diaper bag left in grocery store shopping carts and a cart in the Kmart parking lot.  Each time I have been putting my cart away and spy something in another cart.  When I check them out, someone has left something behind.  After I realised what I was looking at, I took each thing back inside to the information desks.

The second time, I thought wow, twice in a week!  I am not sure I have ever found anything in a shopping cart before, and now two in a week’s time?  How weird!  Today when I saw something else in another cart, I was really taken aback.  No way, I thought!  Are you kidding me??

Okay, I get it.  I’m being told something.  Now I just need to figure out what am I supposed to take away from these episodes.  Because obviously, three times in such a short space of time is a message.

I looked at the symbolism of finding left-behind items.

Could it be that I am currently finding and picking up those parts of myself I have left behind over the years?  Shining more light on that lost and found energy I wrote about in another post?

That feels right.

Life is so interesting when you know that the outside reflects your inside.  Everything has meaning, somehow.  Things don’t show up without a reason.  This is one I am going to let marinate a little more but I wanted to share with you these unexpected and weird signs.

Keep your eyes open, my friends, you never know what signs are going to show up for you!


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