Lost and Found

I love how the connection to Source is getting faster, clearer and easier to understand.  Yesterday I spent the day, off and on, looking for the cord to my digital camera so I could download some photos.  Do you think I could find it?  No!  I looked everywhere I logically would have put it but logic wasn’t cutting it or getting me answers.  I never got frustrated, just confused.  I had used it a couple of weeks ago so where could I have put it this time so it wouldn’t get lost? 

Right, I do that to myself.  Put things “away” so they don’t get lost.  And then I can’t remember where that might be.  Sigh.

So last night before I fell asleep, I said to my Self, I want to know where this cord is, please send me a message before morning, or at least lead me to find a replacement at the store.  Thank you.  I breathed and pictured the request leaving me peacefully, with no attachment to outcome, and being captured by Spirit who was ready to answer it.  It took me awhile to get my mind to shut up last night and I had just barely relaxed enough to fall asleep when I got a picture of where the cord was, tucked safely inside my camera case.  Which I then realised I had not seen all day.  My eyes flipped open as I remembered where the case was, in my work car!  I don’t know why I left the case there with the camera not in it, but, hey cool!!  Now I know where the cord is!  Yippee!  I smiled, said thank you to Spirit and fell back asleep.

Today I will run over to the car and retrieve the case and cord.  So glad I didn’t accidentally throw it away like I was beginning to think!  I love love when I ask and get answers that quickly and clearly.  I am in deep appreciation for this more open connection to Spirit, it definitely makes my human life easier!


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