“Fear Doesn’t Get To Make My Decisions Anymore”

Veronica Torres said the above recently.  Perfect.

“Any decision based on fear is a weak decision. Learn to be receptive to the vibrational signals you are being given all the time through your body and your subtle vibratory system. Your heart is particularly capable of giving you signals. When the heart contracts, even slightly, back off, there is something off. Trust your heart.”

Divine Mother 

I spent most of my life basing my decisions on fear.  I was scared, underneath, all the time.  One time in college while at work, the cook looked at me and out of the blue, said, “You always look like you’re scared to death.”  I was surprised, I didn’t think I did.  I didn’t know I did.  I answered him, I’m not!   But, I was scared, a lot even though I didn’t consciously admit it.  I was on my own, in a new place, after a tumultuous childhood and I was determined to make my life my own but scared of everyone else.  But I didn’t know it showed quite so obviously.

I had no self-confidence and no idea about what I should do with my life.  I went to school because it was next on my life list.  I was a good student.  I was a good daughter.  I was a good girlfriend.  I was a good employee.  And scared to rock the boat in any way.  When I did, I got feedback that not pleasant and I did all I could to avoid getting in trouble or yelled at.  I was scared.

That pretty much describes how I have allowed my life to unfold right up until the last ten-fifteen years.  Yes, I had my moments of standing up for myself and doing what I felt was right but still fear ran under it.  Since I had my awakening, I grow stronger in who I am and the fears recede a bit more each year, each day.  This week during the Eloheim channelling, I was really touched by one of the Council member’s messages.  Fred told us we are “Bad Asses” to come to Earth to live a human life while forgetting everything we know while we do it!  We are the bravest of the brave to come here to do this.  It was hilarious and wonderful to hear him talk about us like that.  Well, damn.  I am a Bad Ass.  I claim that title.  I love that title.  I am wearing an invisible crown that says “Bad Ass” on it.  I will adjust that crown whenever I feel like I “can’t” do something and then call on the Warrior to stand with me as I confront another fear.

I am still working on those fear signals but they don’t rule my life anymore.  I prefer the heart signals.  Life is way more fun when fear is not in charge.




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