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What Do You Resonate With?

by  Hoffman
During a commercial advertising a new movie, I heard the announcer say ‘Everyone will resonate with this film.” That really got my attention, not because I think the film is good but because they used the word ‘resonate’. It means to be aligned with, at the same frequency of, sharing a vibration, and is a term that has defines our new ways of connecting with each other. Resonance is our way of determining how we connect with people and situations and what we can connect with because now, more than ever, if there is no resonance there is no possibility or potential for connection.

When everyone was at more or less the same energetic level and frequency we didn’t think about resonance and there was really no reason to. There were people and situations we naturally gravitated towards and others we avoided, things that made us feel good or bad, and that we liked or disliked. But because we now know ourselves as energetic beings our awareness of different frequencies and vibrations is much stronger. The gift of our enhanced energetic awareness is a heightened sensitivity to the differences between frequencies, as well the unlimited supply of frequencies we can choose from. And this new focus makes it difficult, if not impossible, to resonate with what doesn’t match our own energetic frequency. This takes all connections down to the level of frequency and vibration, and it’s where we choose who we can and cannot connect with, based on what we resonate with.

For some this may be a sad realization that we have transcended our 3D blissful ignorance of everything but how we ‘felt’ about someone or something or how we would previously take action based on our commitments, responsibilities, or obligations. Now it’s about resonance and energy and every connection we make will be in response to one of two questions:

1. Do I resonate with this (person, place or thing)?

2. Can this (person, place or thing) be aligned with my energy and is there a place for them/it within my energy field or energetic space?

Once upon a time we would hold energetic space for those with different energy frequencies, giving them a chance to ‘catch up’ to us or achieve a similar level. We can no longer do that because the energetic differences are too big and the burden is on each of us individually to choose our frequency and what we resonate with. While giving someone the gift of holding energetic space for them was something we chose to do as part of our healing path with them, it’s something we can no longer do because it interferes with their path and ours too.

We are now deep within a transition that only has forward motion. There is no turning back and there is no ‘back’ to turn to. The most dense aspects of the 3D paradigms are gone and more of them are falling away every moment. They’re being replaced by a new array of lighter and higher frequency paradigms that are available for us to investigate and choose what matches our energy and what we resonate with. This is why we can no longer hold energetic space for others because then they cannot choose what resonates with them, they will choose what resonates with the person who is holding space for them. And it’s something they cannot sustain, has no value or meaning for them, and doesn’t resonate with them, their life path, energy, or life purpose.

Resonance is an aspect of multi-dimensionality that we must learn to use. It’s part of our new earth paradigm and it is the point from which we will create everything in our life from this point forward. It will be increasingly difficult for us to be aware of, choose, and connect with something we do not resonate with. When we use resonance to make our choices we remember that everything is energetic and making choices based on resonance keeps us within the scope of our intention so that everything we manifest is an aspect of our most powerful, heartfelt intentions for ourselves and our life.



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