Day 3

Wednesday was Day 3, last full day there.  I made it a point to enjoy every damn minute.  I actually woke rested on that day so, good start!

Right after breakfast, I asked how I could get on Rob’s list, the lovely man who does the healing massages and was shown how to do so. I was scheduled for the next day before the group broke up. I hadn’t asked for one, lots of stupid homosapien reasons like, eh I didn’t really need one, someone else should get it before me, I am too nervous to ask, I shouldn’t bother him, he’s busy. Glad I asked though. I’m on the list!

The channeling that day was a continuation of the day before because Eloheim didn’t get through the whole group the first day.  This was my day to sit in front of Eloheim and you already heard that story.  We got through everyone and even added in a newbie, someone who worked in the office at the Ranch.  Now she has decided that this feels right and has joined our group, too.  Yay!  We love new people.  Again, each message was one I took to heart.

After we had lunch, we signed up for aura photos.  Very cool.  Everyone’s was so different!  Some had literal rainbows of color, some had beautiful violet, purple hues, some had oranges, some had greens for healing in there.  I didn’t see everyone’s picture but I’m sure all shades and colors came out somewhere.  Some people were very clear in the photos and some were just blurred by their aura colors.  The lady who did the photos read our auras for us, too.  I wish I had it written down because now I forget a lot of it.

005She told me that the gold was my soul’s connection and my compassion and love for everyone.  The gold right in the middle of my chest is my open heart (yay! it was closed and mudded over for a long time).  The dark color coming out at my temples is information coming in, telepathy, etc.  I am not sure how she interpreted the orangey-red color.  I asked about the jagged edge at the top, she seems to think it’s her camera since others have it but I wonder about that.  Veronica took one look at my photo and said, yup, that looks just like mine.  Hmmm.  Food for thought there.  I could wish I had her connection to spirit but it is what it is and there are reasons for why it is, but I do like having something in common with her!

Then I ran up the hill to get to Renee’s astrology class which was already started.  I don’t have a birth time but Renee encouraged me to sit in and hear the class and she would do a general one for me then.  What she taught was a bit complicated but oh so interesting.  I did learn a lot.  And it reminded me of a psychic reading with tarot, only with astrology.  Turns out Capricorns (me) land on their feet and do very well with money.  Good to know!

After that was another Mary Y class on Timeline Healing.  She took us on a journey to past experiences that came up to be healed.  Then you can change the energetics of how you felt about them.  That was great, I learned something I have applied since.

Dinnertime, delicious, of course!  (Oh how I miss that food!)

That evening was our social night, we had a non-talent talent aka Share Your Gifts show.  I did not participate, they already had quite a line up so I breathed a sigh of relief lol.  We had a funny poetry reader, an art demonstration, guitar, flute, trumpet and violin players, whistling, story telling, joke telling, a comedy skit, a sweet dance from a husband and wife, a demonstration of someone’s college talents (frisbee and juggling), and more.

That was a fun, fun evening.  We laughed and laughed and cheered and oohed and ahhed.

We did get told by the owners it was quiet time when we went over the ten o’clock hour and were still laughing and cheering.   Oops!

People split up after the show but I didn’t want to go to bed since it was the last night together so I wandered around and found a small group in one building doing one of Mary Y’s exercises, led by Mary.  When they finished, a few of them started talking, sharing stories, and wisdom.  That discussion lasted until about 1 a.m.

When I went to bed, I felt full.  Full of life, full of love, full of appreciation for this experience.

Day 3.   My cup runneth over.


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