Lee Harris: You As Creator

This channel mirrors Eloheim teachings.  Said with different words, in different ways.  It perfectly fits where most of us are right now, and most definitely fits me.   The “Z’s” through Lee share exercises dealing with fear and intentions and talks about all the changes and how we are trying to fit our expanded selves into our lives.  They said we are 6 ft beings trying to walk in rooms with 4 ft ceilings.  That is exactly how I feel! 

” One to three percent of a change is enough to create a momentum that will gather into a forty or fifty percent change in your life over weeks and months.  So don’t buy into the idea that you need to change everything when you are feeling overwhelmed.  Put your weight behind the vision of intent that you are doing right now [the vision process that they walked us through].  See a future point in time where you have reached many magnificent changes.  But on that given day, walk toward what feels easiest.” 

(Eloheim tools : Step by Step, Fiftieth Step)


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