Off I Go

IMG_7160Last night I let my spouse know (again) my definite plans for this trip.  He asked, again, as he does every trip, “Are you coming back?”  Yes, I said.  What I didn’t say is that next time, that answer will be no.  He would so prefer me to stay the same, to never go anywhere, to never do anything out of the “norm”, to stay and continue to do as I have always done and what every woman he knows around here does.  That is just not possible anymore.  He is okay with this trip, not thrilled, but not giving me a hard time either, for which I am very grateful.

I am packed except for little things like cords and a few odds and ends.  I need to go to the ATM and get some cash still.  After dinner tonight I will drive up to the hotel near the airport.

Plane leaves at 6:10 a.m.  Hope I can sleep tonight!  And wake up on time!  Who wants to call me at 4 a.m.??


Gawd I love travelling.

Retreat 2012 015

San Francisco, here I come.



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