Female Energy

This is so very familiar.  Been working on adding the masculine back into my physical being so I am balanced again.  I want to do more than think and create in my head.


~ ི❥~ Excess female energy ~ ི❥~
When we have been too long in the female mode, we have a problem producing. We may have many very creative ideas, but they stay in the planning stages, they don’t take physical form. The female energy might fear the compromises that are necessary when an idea takes physical form. In our fantasies, our ideas are always perfect. When we have to put them on paper, we must face the fact that we could fail. Choosing to stay with the perfection of fantasy is being too much in the female mode. I am learning to recognize my female energy.
~ Shakti Gawain http://www.shaktigawain from Awakening, A daily guide to conscious living

2 responses

  1. That’s interesting, my female friends and I spend ages discussing possible ideas and seem to lack the motivation to make them happen. Whereas men I know just get on with it! Hope you enjoy your retreat and if you find the answer about how to make stuff happen, do let me know!


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