Morning Message from 12/12

Dec 16, 2012.

Be in what IS emanationally not receptively. That’s the difference between crucifixion (receiving the mob’s lowest common denominator) energy and offering a high vibration for the “mob” to match energy with. It’s not “I am love and do with me what you will”, it’s “I am love with boundaries, clarity and choices.” The Homo spiritus lifetime (i.e NOW) gains spiritual growth from clarity of self-knowing.

The mob mentality will want you to match energy with it every time. Holding fast to your chosen emanation is more and more important as vibration increases as it truly is a transformational force.

The force is both attractive and confusing to others. To maintain it requires a commitment to seeing your truth from a self-evaluated lens and releasing the need for others approval or even understanding.

You offer this emanation of clarity like a beacon and are rewarded by key connections which enrich and fulfill you. Beyond that it is the business of energetics and best not thought about. Emanation properly monitored and nurtured magnetizes all things to you which facilitate the opportunity to further grow the emanation.

Note we didn’t say “what you want” as this is where first choice comes in. When emanation is “firing on all cylinders” it is a powerful force and will draw to you the next opportunity – sandpaper, person, etc. – to further your relationship with emanation, integrating and grooming the resulting emanation so you can integrate it some more and then work with the results.

It’s like adding more yarn to a knitting project or adding more clay to a thrown pot spinning on the wheel. You get more, add it and then blend it in. You are in charge of blending. It can be tempting to dodge the new especially as it does not wear a sign saying “new” and can look like anything.

Preconceived notions about what it might look like further the static possibilities. Hint: it IS what IS in every moment. That’s what you have to work with – IS, is a lot and it’s also very small.

In the moment, focus on one thing while recognizing that the infinite abundance of choice of what you can focus on – Thoughts worries etc. – are not only in you, they are coming out of you. What are you broadcasting? That’s what we will be studying until we don’t need to study it anymore.



Multifaceted.  Depth.  You can take these messages at face value or do like I do, which is read them the first time, get an aha, go away, apply the aha….then read them again, go away again, see what sticks this time.  Apply to life.  Read them again months later and find something that triggers an aha….every. single. time.  This is what happens to all of us who are drawn to learn with Veronica and Eloheim.  Every day I grow from their material as I apply it to my life.

Today, for example, one coworker threw out a statement that came from victim mentality and in the past, I have debated those statements.  I often tried to make her see the “error” in her thinking, tried to get her to see her own power in the situation.  Today, I listened and felt no need to refute or explain anything.  She is choosing this state.  I choose not to emanate victimhood nor make myself be the one who pushes others to see a different way.  I felt comfortable with what was, and let it go without comment.  If she wants to change and wants my two cents, she will ask.  I wish a more peaceful way of being for her since she has such a big heart, but it’s not my job to teach her if she is not asking.

I am conscious of my emanation all the time now.  I understand the saying that “no man is an island.”  We all touch others with our energy if not our physicality.  My emanation spreads out like waves, touching all in ripples, and I need to be aware so I broadcast what I want to broadcast.  What is important to know is that my thoughts create my reality so if my emanations are choppy, judgmental or upset, that is what will be affecting others and come right back to me.  I am understanding more and more who I am and wanting to live in the truth of me.  With or without approval.  It’s really much easier that way.


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