Taking a Leap of Faith

Why Taking a Leap of Faith Might be The Safest Thing You Can Do

Cheryl Richardson

a message from Cheryl Richardson

There’s a  little voice in my head that’s been trying to get my attention for a  long time. The voice tells me things like: stop following everyone  else’s rules and start expressing your creativity in unconventional  ways; find that beautiful place by the sea you’ve wanted for intimate  workshops and retreats and book one; allow movement and nature and  animals to hold a more prominent place in your life.

We all have a wise  voice inside. Yours might be telling you that it’s time to let your  grown children go so you can focus on living your life, or that you need  to face the truth about how unhappy you are in your marriage, or that  it’s finally time to confront your addiction to work.

It takes great courage to listen to the wise voice within. While it ultimately points to a better life, it also begs for action.That’s the scary part. If you listen and finally decide to act, it means confronting the reality that you often can’t walk to where it leads. You have to close your eyes, hold your breath, and jump. The moment you consider doing this you realize…

There is no net. You will feel alone. You may not get where you want to go.

But, somewhere deep inside, you know you need to step off that cliff anyway.

I’ve been doing a little leaping myself this summer and here’s what I’ve discovered. When you jump – when you really let go and trust – you find out pretty quickly that Life does love you, that the Universe does, in fact, have your best interest at heart, and that all along you had what it takes to do what you really, really want to do.

For too long I bought into a lie.  You might be doing it, too. We’ve been taught to believe that ignoring that wise voice will insure our safety, bring certainty, and allow us to maintain a comfortable, easy place in life. But ignoring your inner voice doesn’t bring these things.  It brings inertia, despair, and apathy – the kind of slow, soul murder that eats away at desire.

Nope. At some point we just need to jump. So, in case you’ve been thinking about it, consider this a gentle push…

Take Action Challenge

Whether you’re ready to take a leap or not, do yourself a favor and start listening to that wise, inner voice of yours.  Write down what it says.  Let the truth reveal itself to you.  Imagine how your life might change for the better if you were to act on its wisdom.

If you do this, there’s a good chance that at some point your desire will grow stronger than your fear. I love the unconventional way the artist in this week’s video touches people with his work. You can see it here. Thanks, Deirdre!

Life Makeover for the Year 2012(sm) is written  and produced by Cheryl Richardson.© Copyright 1999-2011 Cheryl Richardson,  P.O. Box 13, Newburyport, MA 01950, www.cherylrichardson.com. All  rights reserved.


That little voice in me has been talking and prodding to make a change for at least twenty years.  I have pushed it down and ignored it for many reasons.  Now it is so loud, it’s practically screaming at me.

I say, wait a little longer, not much longer, soon.

It screams, you’ve been saying that for a long time!

I say, No, really this time I mean it.

My little voice says it is time to move on, the current life you live is no longer working for you, there is so much more waiting.  Your dreams are within your reach.


Inside, I am feeling quite different from even a couple of months ago.  Stuck emotions and obsessive thoughts have been released, leaving room for other feelings to take their place.  Like Cheryl writes, the desire has overcome the fear.  I feel calm inside about my decision and each week, something comes to my attention that cements the decision even further.  Basically, it’s the minutiae that is staring me down right now.  Details.

First though, my strongest desire is to go to the Retreat.  After that, comes the details.

Like Cheryl, I dream of a place to hold intimate retreats, near the water, near wildlife.  I have even lined up two spiritual teachers who really want to come, a third spoke of coming to MF, as well.  I dream of no rigid scheduling, and making a warm, welcoming place for people to visit or vacation.  I dream of sitting on the beach, writing, growing, learning, digging deeper.  And who knows what else spirit has in store for me that I can’t even fathom yet?  I am okay with not knowing.  I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

First, the Retreat, which begins in a week and a half.


4 responses

  1. I see a place where you create an oasis of smiling, peaceful light, Dorothy 🙂

    I also sense a lady who is getting stronger within herself and growing into assertion of her own needs.

    Your inspire me too. It’s so easy for women to stay within what confines them especially those of us who have been wives and mothers for a long time. There must be a way forward where you can be true to that in your life while still finding room to grow within yourself. That seems to be my path, anyway lol

    Love to you, Sue


    • Thank you Sue. Familiar suffering is easy. Because it’s familiar, not because it is truly easy. I do feel stronger and it’s time to come out of hiding and take that leap. I have waited far too long. I’m glad I can inspire you. I see many women of this generation coming to this same point I’m at. So many, it’s astounding. It’s a wave of women finding their center and their power. Leap, if you want!


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