Step By Step, The Plans Are Coming Together

Retreat 2012 005

So I finally bit the bullet and told the husband that I want to go to the Eloheim Retreat again.  He was like, “Wha-a-at?”  Yep, shocked.  I never talk about it with him since he has zero interest in these topics.  I also was on the fence about going for about six months due to the cost and the effort it took to get there and back.  NY state to California, from my house just to the SFO airport was twelve hours from the time I woke to the time I landed.  Then I had to travel another hour just to find a place to rest my tired body and befuddled brain.  I could barely stay awake for dinner since there is a 3-hour time difference from one coast to the other.  Then there was another hour’s travel to the Retreat itself.  I spent the whole retreat on the exhausted side.

That being said, I loved my experience of the Retreat with Veronica and Eloheim.  I got so much out of it personally, and meeting so many of the people who also love learning with Eloheim and are in the same self-growth, ascension vibe is awesome.  I felt so at home and there was no drama of any kind during the whole three days.  Nor was there afterwards.  We all understood each other, we all spoke the same language.  Eloheim-isms flew the entire time.  And laughter.  It was wonderful.

Retreat 2012 010

Yeah, I want to do it again.  This time, I feel more ready for it.  Probably because I know what I am doing and know a lot of the people going, from either Facebook or in person.  I feel like I am supposed to be there.  Eloheim calls this type of feeling, a “Choiceless Choice.”

IMG_7160I paid for the retreat over six months, not sure if I was even going, just didn’t want to miss out if I decided to go, so that is paid for already.  This week I bought the plane tickets and tonight I reserved a car for the trip (which I’m sharing with three others) from the airport to Sonoma.  I am putting on my big girl panties and driving us all up to the Retreat.  I drive for work and have driven all over the States yet this is a bit daunting since I don’t really know the area and there is lots of city traffic, but I’m doing it anyway.  I drove through a Portland, Oregon rush hour the very first year I got my license, I guess I can do this.  I have driven through DC traffic, Buffalo, NY traffic, Richmond, VA, and Seattle, WA. traffic.  Bah, I got this.  Besides, how lost can I get?  LOL.  Nah, I don’t “do” lost, I always get where I’m supposed to be.  I also will have three copilots, we will be fine.

Retreat 2012 012I have had to work through some inner turmoil just to get this far and then through some more to see if I had some talent to share with the rest of the group during the “share your talent” portion of a social evening.  Eloheim told me to honor who I am and not to compare myself to someone else whose talents are more outgoing than mine.  Then my guides advised me to lighten up, to laugh, and that the talent does not need to be meaningful or deep, and to just have fun with it!  Okay then!  We shall see if I can let my inner fun child out to do what I would like to do!  I’ll let you know after the fact……

The Retreat starts in two and a half weeks.  I leave on September 1st and will be gone a week.  I feel like this is going to be so special and so profound this year.  And I really look forward to seeing everyone again and to meeting new friends!  And of course, I will let you in on every detail that I can remember.  I can hardly wait!


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  1. So glad to hear you’re going, Dorothy. Retreats are so good for the soul, aren’t they. Just to be with like minded people is so enjoyable. Love to you, Sue


    • Yes, I tell ya, if I had the time and the money, I would do these more often! I see so many of them with my favorite teachers that I would love to attend. I learn so much and being with like minded folk is so energising!


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