The Universe Will Rearrange Itself Around Your Choices

It is time to run everything the mind says through the feeling. Challenging if you are not used to it; but the way to go. If you are not leaving enough space for yourself or you are tired, this will become hard to maintain. Life on Earth is busy. Take some breaks now in order to create a different template in your future around the amount of breaks you give yourself. Here’s the big secret; no one …will notice or mind.

At first, that will scare you. For you will realize that some of the things you thought were so important to others or to you, were not so important after all. They were simply happening because you were deciding to let them happen. Your universe will rearrange itself around your choices. You have nothing to lose, because you can always go back to the old patterns if you don’t like the new ones. But commit to yourselves.

So as a final piece, I am going to say a few sentences that you can choose to say inside yourself that will help you to make this energetic commitment. Then, you can simply let it go. For you will have started the affirmation process. Here we go:

“I choose to experience myself at higher levels.”

“In that choice, I choose effortless living.”

“I choose to turn my focus away from pain and struggle.”

“I choose to turn my focus toward joy and peace.”

“I will give myself space to discover who I am.”

“I hereby vow to honor, love and cherish my soul and body.”

And finally,

“I am the most important person in my world.”

Each of those sentences were designed to move energy in you. If you felt resistant to any of them, notice the resistance. Just see which ones were hard for you to say. Good.

In peace and in great love to all of you. ~~Zapharia through Lee, from A Self-Love Journey – Self-Love and The Mind


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