Energetic Clearing Technique

Hello powerful Earth Angels!
What wonderful energy after the waves of yesterday’s alignments! With each alignment, I felt a different symptoms for a short while, and heard others reporting similar symptoms. Back muscles cramped as one occurred, headache with another. Yesterday’s alignment was all about balance, bringing the male and female energies into balance personally and globally. The energies are bringing up what we need to heal, where we need to be balanced. That may be on the physical, emotional or spiritual level. Now is the time to be aware of where you need to heal and willing to do what is needed in order to become more balanced.
The Sun is crackling with small Flares, after releasing a high C Class Flare yesterday. There have been Earthquakes in New Zealand, Afghanistan, Sandwich Islands, India, Ryukyu Islands, Fiji, New Guinea, Ascension Island, Easter Island and Mexico. HAARP is active across the US.
As you read this message, please join together in sending Love and Peace to Mother Earth and Father Sun. Imagine connecting your heart with the hearts of Mother Earth, Father Sun and the center of the Universe and allowing that Love to flow to everyone on Earth. Send healing energy to lessen symptoms to each other.


The Energetic Clearing Technique will help with physical and emotional issues.

Take a deep breath and relax. Decide what issue you want to work on, then repeat the following:

I ask my Spirit, to go throughout time, through my ancestry, through my soul’s lineage, through my soul contracts, through all of my aspects and locate all causes, signs, side effects, predispositions to and damage from all the ways and all the reasons me or any of my aspects feel or have ever felt issue or negative emotion .

Take my Higher Self and every aspect of my being to the very first incident that caused this issue to start. Analyze every aspect of it and heal it perfectly, permanently and completely.

Come throughout time, through my ancestry, through my soul’s lineage, through my soul contracts, through all of my aspects, healing each incident based upon the foundation of the first, until I am at the present filled with light, love, peace and truth. I am/feel positive thought or emotion.

Know that every negative thought or inappropriate behavior based on this issue quickly disappears. Take all the time you need Spirit, but quicken time and do the job NOW.

Thank you, Spirit.
~ Claudia McNeely


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