Second Annual Eloheim Retreat

I am in the front row, far right.  I have signed up for the second one….. 🙂  The quote used is from me.  Eloheim has been, by far, the biggest influence on my growth.  They speak to me, plainly and clearly.  I continue to learn from them and use their tools on a daily basis.  They make being human much simpler and more understandable and give us tools that make navigating life easier.  Plus, they bring a whole council with them to call upon when we feel like we need more.  They love us so much and told us they will be here, with us, until we don’t need them anymore to do what we finally know that we can do for ourselves.

Eloheim:  “And we will sit in this chair until it happens.  You have our commitment to you and to all of you and all of you that we will sit here because we love you and we will sit here in this chair week after week after week until you know that you have the love you always wanted and you give it to yourself. You don’t need anyone else to help you.  You will know that. That is our commitment to you. We are on this planet with Veronica for this sole purpose. To be here for you and all of the rest of you so that when you say that sentence at the end of it you can add, “and I nurture myself.”

There are other options to attend the retreat, like coming just for the day so if someone is interested, contact Veronica, she will be glad to help!  Plus there are scholarships available for those who come up short money-wise.

I can’t wait.

Eloheim Retreat


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