Encounter with one of my boys

Ran into one of my daycare kids at the grocery store today.  Sooo cute!  He was one of my last babies, smart and full of fun energy.  I loved him and his parents.  His older brother was a bit of a challenge but still a good kid.  Dillon saw me as we were both checking out of neighboring lanes and called my name questioningly.  I knew him immediately, even after so many years, same cute face, same bubbly smile, same sparkly eyes, just all stretched out in a man’s face.  We laughed and chatted about his family and his current doings.

Then he tells me his parents have grandkids….yeah?  Your brother has a kid, I ask?  He says, I have a son and so does my brother.  Wow!  A few months ago when I ran into another of my final daycare babies, he told me he was also having a son.  So, at least four of my boys have had children already and I know of four of the girls who also had babies.  I talked about cycles in an earlier post and this is a prime example of that for me.  I loved and held all these kids in my arms as babes and toddlers and now they are holding their own babies.  Yet I still feel as young as I did back then!  How did that happen?

I told Dillon I had considered re-opening my daycare and taking in all the babies of my babies lol.  He said, Do it!  I would definitely bring my son there!  Aww, sweet boy, I mean, man (is 21 a boy or a man? hmmmm )!

That kind of stuff makes me feel really good when I hear it.  I have so many good memories of the kids and it’s nice to hear that they do, too.  The kids were expected to be nice and to listen to me, take responsibility for their own actions, and whining was not allowed.  They got two warnings and then privileges taken away when they did the opposites.  Coming to my house wasn’t “all bunnies and rainbows”, to use one of my favorite teacher’s expressions.  So, when a past daycare kid is happy to see me and jokes with me and hugs me, I smile, a lot!  And go home with the love in my heart expanded.  I know I did good.


(On a side note:  It’s really hot here.  Sticky, humid hot.  We have had rain here off and on for more than a week, with thunderstorms and downpours and flash flooding all over the area.  Now it seems to have heated up but the wet is still hanging in the air.  However, I am very glad to not be cold!  And seeing bits of the blue sky popping out makes me quite happy.   We leave Sunday for a camping trip with my daughter and grandkids so I’m officially on vacation.  Yay!)


2 responses

  1. have an awesome vacation !!!
    wow on the day care memories too
    I have also been thinking about my past & the people who just night remember me in a good light. It is amazing how we do touch others, huh?


    • I am thankful you talk to me, Sumr! I gotta get out the duster, I think lol. We need to chat…..
      I have been puttering around here trying to get stuff organised and am not feeling very organised lol. We leave tomorrow so I got a whole day, right?
      Yeah, it was a great encounter, you forget how you touch people until they remind you.


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