Power Animal Message

These animals came to Carrie with a message for us.  Turtle, well I had a vivid dream of them not too long ago and have not forgotten that message, they are now a favorite animal of mine.  Coyote, change and adapt, oh yes, that is pertinent to all of us and especially to me at this point.  I’ve had Cougar and Panther come to me in dreams, strong messages in both.  Lioness is new but the big cats are special to my heart so this message really resonates.  Enjoy.

From Carrie Hart and Power Animals Unleashed :

It is my pleasure to share [this message] with you now.

Turtle:  You can try to protect yourself, but the only protection that will ever work for you is to shine so brightly with your own truth, that nothing else matters.  Shine so brightly with who you are, that no other energy can possibly penetrate and touch your core.

Coyote:  When you find yourself in the middle of change, adapt.  The whole world can shift and change, and you can embrace the newness and the new ways of being, and still be exactly who you are.  Adaptation is not a denial of who you are.  And a denial of the way the world is changing is not truth.  Be who you are, but notice how the world has changed and let it open to you and show you new and different ways of being.

Lioness:  Remember always who you are.  You may need to hunt.  You may need to fight and protect what is yours.  You may need to do many things to be within this world.  But you know who you are.  And if you maintain this center, then everything else that the world brings your way simply makes you stronger, more powerful, and ultimately, more an expression of who you truly are.


Come join us at i-am-this.com.  We have energy sessions with Princess Feather-Light every morning and deep journeys into spirit with Running Wolf, Great Eagle and the power animals every Sunday.

Carrie Hart and Power Animals


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