Alone at last!

I’m alone!! 

No, I haven’t left yet.  My husband just left to go his annual fishing trip with our son.  I actually did a fist pump when he walked out the door and my granddaughter followed soon after.  For a week, at least here at home, I have no one to answer to or to be responsible for.  I get to come home to myself, eat if I want, or not eat, leave if I want, talk to who I want for as long as I want, run around in my underwear, listen to all the audios I want on the computer, stay up til all hours, meditate in the quiet, and no one will be here to say a word or interrupt me.  You know how often this happens?  Only when I go away, and rarely at my home.  This is exciting!  LOL!

Oh yeah, break out the pom poms!

Breathing room!

It struck me recently that I went from parents and home, to college with a boyfriend, to a husband and kids, and rarely had time to be me, by myself, responsible for only me.

So what shall I do with my time? 


After I get off the computer, when I want to, that is, I’ll wander around and see what strikes my fancy. 

I’ll let ya know.


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