Cycles of Life

You have all lived long enough to see the cycle of life.  You see winter, spring, summer and autumn. Nature is your reflection.  You are beings who go through cycles.  It is part of the movement, the energy of living.  So trust.  When your heart is in flux, allow it to be in flux.  Allow yourself to remember it will pass, for it always will.
~~Zachary through Lee, from Ask the Heart (For It Knows Everything)

This is how I have learned to live even from childhood.  Everything passes.  At first, it was just a way to get through the bad times, now it’s comforting and I do not have such a laser focus on something (unpleasant) like a dog does with a bone.  I know it will not stay.  Things change.

At some point you turn around and realise that what you were so involved with, the job you loved or hated, the people you were hanging around with, what you were so passionately doing, or what was so troublesome in your life, is over.  It’s done.

One morning you look out and acknowledge that the long winter has left and the sun is warm and the grass is green again.

You wake up and notice you are no longer fretting or losing sleep or counting the days about something major happening in your life.  It’s not so important anymore.

Suddenly you aren’t 21 anymore (that was fast!), maybe you’re working at a job and living with a lover.  You’re a grownup.

And the years go by.  How quickly it seems you aren’t even 41 anymore, you’re older and hitting middle age.

Now your kids are grown, off on their own cycles, and you have free time for yourself.  A new cycle begins.

One day you realise you are no longer continually mourning the loss of a loved one, instead you smile when you remember them.  Ah, peace.

Presidents and political leaders change regularly.  You change jobs or get a new boss or become a boss.

You sell a house, move to another place.

Your parents cross over to spirit and you become the elder generation.

Your beloved pet moves on and another fur baby comes in to share their love with you.

Grandkids show up for you or someone else.  And you watch as life begins anew.

You look around and see other generations doing what you did not so long ago.  And you wonder at how fast it sped by.

Cycles.  Over and over.  Nothing is static.  Everything always changes.  And when we know that we are infinite, these cycles don’t seem so massively important anymore.  It’s not like it’s all we will ever have, or that we have lost something forever.  These experiences begin to feel merely like a step in a larger cycle of life(times).  It’s amazing and exhilarating to know that there will always be other cycles to experience and other lives to live, if we so choose.  And very, very comforting.


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