Happy Weekend

The sun is shining!  Yay!

We have had rain and gray skies for most of two weeks.  And chilly.  The vegetation is happy for the rain and it’s beautifully green but I’m ready for some blue skies and sun.

Kaia had her last softball game on the only night it didn’t rain this week.  She ended her season sliding into home base.  Not necessary and completely self-taught.  LOL.  Hilarious.  She was so excited and proud of herself.  Of course I had to yell to her mom coaching first base,  “Just like her mom!!”  My daughter was the sliding queen when she played ball.  Get her on base and she could slide safely all the way home.  All the grown ups were cracking up at Kaia.  A good way to end the season.

MF is in Panama right now, rather unexpectedly.  She began having physical symptoms last week that needed to be checked out.  They are treating her for an infection and will do more testing when she has had the entire run of antibiotics.

Is it wrong to admit I’m jealous?  LOL.  I’m getting closer…..

I had an energy session last night that blew my socks off.  Intense.  My head was spinning as it was going on and I learned so much about myself, again.  Someone told me, maybe more than one, and I didn’t believe them, that I am complicated.  I always thought I was simple or not very deep.  Turns out that is incorrect.  Multiple lives and layers to everyone, even myself.  Whew.  You dig under to one layer, only to reveal another below that one, or explore upwards and find out there is always more to explore.

I found an island place in Panama this week I’ve been dreaming about ever since.  We shall see how it pans out.

Keep dreaming and exploring!


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