Be Mindful of Your Words

Never utter any words about yourself unless you want the army of cells called “your body” to act upon them. If you say in frustration, “This always happens to me!” then about a trillion or so cells will get that message. Can you imagine them? They all have a meeting and say, “The boss says that she wants these things to happen all the time, so lets get busy and make them happen again.” In other words, your powerful energy manifests reality based on what you say, think and do.
~ Kryon through Lee Carroll
I have become very aware of the words I utter, especially if they are not what I want to manifest in my life.  No more unconscious commands!  Manifestation is becoming much faster the higher we raise our vibrations so it’s important to be mindful of what comes out of our mouths or what we think about.
Paying attention to what we send out to others is also necessary, for that will gather up more of the same energy and come right back to us.  I definitely don’t want something unpleasant heaped on me that way either!  Last week I realised I had remarked something about someone I didn’t know but felt uncomfortable with their energy.  It was not an energy I wanted to stick to them or to come back to me, so I immediately telepathically apologised and sent better vibrations instead.  Instead of beating myself up for it, I rectified it.  What a change that is, and it surely felt way better handled that way.
Be aware of what you tell yourself.  Make sure it’s what you wish to manifest.  We are powerful beings!

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