I Have a Confession.

Ok.  I admit it.  I have a serious crush on Cesar Millan.  You know, the Dog Whisperer?

I have coffee with him every single morning during the week.  It starts my day with joy and I am bummed if I have to miss his show.  I even watch the re-runs just to get my daily fix!  He is intelligent and wise, meditates every day, laughs a lot, is spiritual, and very energy conscious.  He understands how this invisible world of energy works.  I love his laugh, his smile, his philosphies.  And he loves animals, as do I.  It makes my morning a serene place to start from every day.  When he was going through his own rough place a couple of years ago, I sent him love and healing.  He’s human and needed some extra love sent his way, too.

I’m not sure I have ever had a crush on someone like this.  LOL.  It’s not going away either.  I’ve been “in crush” with him for at least three years.

When I was in Panama, I realised that I am drawn to hispanic as well as NA men.  So I thought back and realised that there was one cook I used to work with twenty years ago who was of hispanic descent and yeah, I really felt drawn to him.  (I was married so that was a no-go.)  My first serious boyfriend in high school was NA.

Last year during a session with Erin Mackley, she told me of a past life I had had in South America.  She described me as a happy, married doctor and a joyful dancer.  No wonder I feel such a connection to the hispanic people.  It all makes sense.

Still.  Cesar?  Can I hang out with you someday?    😀



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