The Gift of Energy Healing

Over the last year or so, in an effort to regain the great health I used to have, I have been pursuing an energy healing path, as opposed to no longer pursuing the human medical one.  Since my first energy worker had changed focus last year and moved on to something new, and I believed I was doing better, I let go of working with one for many months and continued on my own.  Still, much refused to budge and eventually I knew I could use more help from another, someone far more skilled at this than I am.

I stumbled on (yeah, we know that is not true!) a new energy healer by way of viewing a video of Jill Renee Feeler speaking in an interview on someone else’s site.  It was my first time listening to her and since I loved her energy and her message, I went to her site to check out what else she had to say.  As I skimmed through her list of links, one made me stop and consider it.  Then I moved on and came back to it, twice.  It was a link to another energy healer who lived in Idaho that Jill herself frequently works with.  Michael is close to my age, Idaho was my home state for nine years in my twenties, and I just felt really drawn to him.  I bookmarked his site.

I let it percolate in me for a couple of weeks because at that point, I really wasn’t sure I wanted to work with another energy healer.  One night, being heartily sick of the pain in my side as well as being tired of all the other stuff going on in my body, I was finally ready to give up trying to clear this on my own and ask for help.  I made an appointment to work with him.  Within two days, we were on the phone together.

All I can say is, wow.  What a journey this round has been.  I am more than thrilled with the results and content with the progress we’ve made over the course of four sessions.

For two years I have had an intermittent sharp pain under my rib in my side, and while some relief came from the other sessions I had with Erin, it always came back.  I would press on it and could never find the source.  Erin and Lisa both told me it wasn’t physical and I tried everything I could think of to get to the root and let it go.  Michael saw the area having something in it that looked like it had lots of tentacles, barbs, and hooks.  He  saw it hooked into my side, really intertwined in my belly and told me that the root of it was in my relationship.  That made total sense to me, it is exactly what I feel this relationship has been about and why I have had such a hard time breaking free of it.  He pulled it out, it was long-g-g.  Then he did the healing of the area left open.  It took a couple of weeks for my body to acknowledge that this was gone, but yes it is gone.

He often works on many different areas in my body and energy without me even mentioning that they hurt, and he is always right.  He freed up my hips, which represent the ability to move forward, pulling out two long rods impaled in me from an angle side to side.  My hips no longer hurt after ten years of constant pain (I often drove with an ice pack on my hip).  He saw chains wrapped around my wrists and ankles, they were chains of this life keeping me here, again holding me back.  When he removed those chains, my wrists stopped hurting!!  I have avoided yoga for years because of the pain of putting my weight on my wrists.  Yippee!  They stopped hurting, too.  He has cleared my throat chakra, actually more than once (we know how I usually do my speaking here and try not to say much elsewhere).  Well, he has definitely released some blocks to my self-expression (uh oh lol).  I was so dizzy for two weeks, after he adjusted my energy, balanced it, the dizzy went away.

Twice I have asked Michael to work on issues that have popped up for me unexpectedly, like this week’s separation and adoption situation.  He encourages me to let out the emotions, not to hold them back or bury them so I have done a lot of crying on the phone with him.  He helps me to see and let go of the beliefs behind the issues which cause the emotional pain.  I feel very free to do that with him.  Which is strange because letting others see or feel me like that rarely happens.

For the last six months my midback has ached and ached, sometimes worse than others, no matter how many massages and stretches I did.  Standing too long, staying at my desk too long, walking too much made it really ache, and the only solution was to take pain meds and lay down.  I really tried to figure it out but no success so I began asking spirit for help so I could get rid of it.  Friday morning I woke with a dream of me going to a masseuse in my head.  I was standing in front of her and she moved to my right side, placed her left hand on that spot on my back and told me I had a great trauma there.  I thought, I did?  How did she know?  I don’t remember the rest of the dream.  When I woke, I figured that was one of my guides telling me this so I could relay it to Michael during our phone session that night.  When he checked on it, he described it as something like a picket in my back.  He could see a scene of me as a soldier who fell onto what he called a picket (he wasn’t sure of the word), but to me, it feels like a weapon called a pike.  It was big and in there deeply, and it took some effort to get it out.  He also worked on my shoulders and upper back, the sites that my masseuse has to work on really hard to loosen every month.  He described more energy falling away from my back like a jacket I had been wearing and finally shook off.  And you know what???  I woke up with that pain in my midback not there the next morning!  Relief!  My shoulders and upper back did feel like I had had a vigorous deep tissue massage though so I know much was released the night before.  I walked all over yesterday and didn’t come home with my mid back aching.  That is a first in over a year.  Today it still feels good.  Yay for our teams!

Micheal has you breathing and releasing with him as he works, repeating words, stating intentions and using breath work, they are important to the process.  Your participation is part of the healing.  I feel the energy moving and my whole system vibrates during and after a session.  After my last session, I felt such peace I could hardly speak, so calm and centered when we were done.

Previous energy work with Erin took off lots of old, dense energy that was ready to go.  It released top layers of gunk and let more raise up to be noticed, stuff that was buried much deeper.  It felt wonderful and I am very grateful for what we accomplished.  And now Michael is helping me with this other stuff that is ready to leave.  I am continually amazed at what the human body holds onto, even from other lifetimes.  I feel like clearing my energy body of all of my old pain helps humanity as well as Gaia.  It helps heal the whole.  What I clear for me, clears for all.

Yesterday as my husband said something to me that normally I would not reply to, I found my words, without thought, flowing out, expressing my truth.  He looked taken aback and didn’t know how to answer.  It was not hurtful, it was strictly my truth and he was surprised.  When he left, I was kind of impressed lol.  It felt totally right to say what I did.  I now have complete confidence that I will be able to say the words I need to say when it’s time.

I often think how much others could benefit from energy healing.  I wish I could give this gift to everyone.  Our pain always begin with an emotion, a belief, a thought, and eventually can morph into illness.  We hold onto so much in our bodies that causes us pain.  We can turn those thoughts towards a vibrant direction instead of thoughts that lead to disease.  First we need to clean out the old energies that are keeping us feeling unwell.  Energy healers are wonderful facilitators for this.  Their talents are wonderful gifts for humanity.  Of course, that would put the medical profession out of business!  They would have to change to facilitating health instead of covering up symptoms and the true sources of illness.  I hope I get to see this while I’m still here in this lifetime.

The power of our intentions and beliefs are amazing.  I am so grateful that for those who facilitate energy healing.  What a loving and wonderful gift they share with us.  Just from knowing the two I have worked with and the ones my friends have visited, they are all individuals who work differently, the trick is finding one you resonate with.  Like any other practitioner, you will have better success if you resonate with whoever you choose.  But they rock!


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  1. Thank you for all your lovely posts, Dorothy! I may contact Michael myself; that sounds interesting. Also, I tried the Rother’s video you posted but had to stop a few minutes into the actual activation because the music was too loud to hear Elrah’s (?) words. That’s a common problem I find with the otherwise-wonderful Rothers – I just can’t follow. Will I see you at the Retreat in September? Kerry


    • Hi Kerry! If you continue on with the Steve Rother video, the voiceover gets louder. I also didn’t hear it very well so I just sat there and absorbed the part I couldn’t hear, figuring that my consciousness was getting the benefit anyhow. It got better. I find that I can hear much better when I use headphones as opposed to the speakers on my laptop.
      I have intentions to be at the retreat, it’s paid for….
      Michael Dake is his name, here is his page of services, Energetic Bodywork . He’s a wonderful, understanding person, full of love. His background is so interesting, check out his story!


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