I Return to Me.

When you are feeling that you are on the receiving end of junk energy or destabilization or what you might call environmental imbalance; come back into your body for a few minutes and see if that improves it.
So let us explain how that would look. You are feeling off. You have been feeling off for a while. You remember what we are suggesting and you place a hand or two on any part of your torso that feels good. It might be your stomach, it might be your heart center, it might be your shoulders, but you place hands, palms face down, onto your body in order to help you physically locate the area to which you are going to return your energy center. And in that moment, you simply say, “I return to me. I return to the home within me.” And in doing this, you give your energy field at its most expanded state an opportunity to remember its center rather than its perimeter, where much of the focus will be. You will not even be conscious of this, but you will be picking up on things in the edge of your environment, the edges of people around you, the edges of the energy of the world. So coming back into your body and saying, “I return to me. I return to myself” will be highly helpful at this time.
~~The Z’s through Lee, from The Energy Collider – May 2013 Portal Channel

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