I have been on an intense inner journey these past couple of weeks.  I was guided to join two groups led by women, friends of Erin Mackley, to learn more about two topics and to facilitate my growth.  One group was to change your relationship to Prosperity (more than just money but it begins there for me and Panama is on my horizon) and the other was to better integrate the Ray of Compassion (with Quan Yin) into your life.  Both had activations and downloads and lessons and meditations to experience.

Then there’s also the eclipses and solar flares sending energies our way causing all kinds of physical reactions to everyone.

And oh yeah, along the way I was also drawn to listen to a session with Steve Rother and the group, the video is called The New Magnetic Heart Codes. This was a wonderful session so I am posting it for everyone to use if you feel guided to do so.

Hahaha.  Yeah.  I am a prime example of an overachieving Lightworker, just like Eloheim is so fond of calling us lol.  All of these have pushed me beyond my boundaries.  Again.  I feel different.  I feel More.  I feel more centered, more trusting, more at peace, more Me.  I feel like I can call on so much more help than I knew was available with just a thought.  I feel like I have let go of a lot that no longer serves me.  I feel surrounded by Love and it brings me to tears more often than not.  (I am big crybaby anymore lol.  I guess that means I am more in touch with my inner being than ever before.  A good thing!)

And then I got the following in my email from Carrie Hart today.  More tears.  This message resonates very strongly with me.


Dear Power Animal Lovers:

I just received a message from a Power Animal to share with you.  It is from Snake.

The message feels very directed.  I have a feeling that some of you will know exactly what Snake is referring to in your life.


A Message to You from Snake

“You cannot expect everyone to understand you at first glance.  Everyone has associations, connections, past experiences.  They see what they expect to see.  They see what they have been taught to see.  You must be patient in allowing others to gradually uncover your beauty and your charms.  And you must be sure not to let them be your mirror when you are misunderstood.

“You know who you are.   You know your greatness and your deep power.  Go deeply into yourself and be, be who you are.  Then watch carefully for the right moment to show yourself openly.

“It is not the first impression that matters.  It is the last one.  And the moment to change their view of you may be just around the corner.”


Finally I wish to share this experience I had this week with you all which occurred after all these activations, downloads and meditations of the groups and such.  I have been baffled, amazed and fascinated by it- since this kind of thing is a total first for me.

I was making dinner the other night, cutting up veggies for a salad and as I turned away to get into the fridge for something, I realised my right eye was seeing colors around the right side.  When I looked out of of my peripheral vision I could see brilliant colors and holy cow, it was as if I was looking through a prism!  The colors seemed to be in triangular shapes.  Have you ever heard of or seen fractal pictures?  That is what I was reminded of.  It was quite disorienting, I couldn’t really focus the eye on what I was doing as I was distracted by the side vision. I kept blinking, squeezing it trying to get my vision to clear up, thinking this is so strange.  What is going on?  Nothing hurt.  Finally I said to my team, ok if this is an activation or you are working on me, could you at least wait until I am asleep?  LOL!  I can’t see very well!  This lasted about ten minutes, maybe fifteen.  But in my mind’s eye, it is still clear as a bell.  Pretty prisms of triangular color.  Below is the closest I can come to showing what was in my eye…far less pinks and greens though, more brilliant reds, blues and silvers instead and more triangular shapes like in a kaleidoscope.  Seeing dimensions?  Upgrades?  Activations?


The above channel through Steve Rother with the heart magnetic activation told us things are going to change in our physical body, the ways we perceive things are going to be different and they also tell us we are going to doubt our experiences and think something is wrong with us!  Yup!  LOL.  So I decided to put that aside, no doubt allowed, I am just going to trust that this is an “upgrade” of my eye like Lisa Gawlas has written about recently.  I am going to trust that my soul has a divine plan for me and this was part of it.  Fascinating.


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