Tumbling Thoughts and Procrastination

In one of my meditations this week, in answer to a question I asked, I was shown a dryer and through the window I saw clothes tumbling every which way.  The question was in reference to moving.  Everything is obviously all jumbled up and messy in my mind just like the clothes-in-the-dryer image shown to me.  I am not enjoying this part of uprooting my life at all.  Then, to give me further clarity, I was given two options to look at, two steps to take to help manage this stage.  One: Continue purging.  Two: Set a date to leave.

Purging – now that I am in the mode, I am doing good there.   I kind of like purging and letting go of all those things I no longer want or use.  I like sending things off so others can use what I don’t or can’t and I’m enjoying the empty spaces left after clearing out.

But I know myself.  Without a set date to do something, I tend to procrastinate….I’ll do that tomorrow, I always think.  It’ll get done, eventually.  No hurries, no worries.  I’ll just think about that tomorrow.  And not surprisingly, tomorrow never shows up.  For tests in school, I would start studying two nights before but not really retaining anything until the night before the exam, and then I crammed like crazy since my memory has always been a bit sort term if it’s a subject I don’t much care about.  I don’t remember ever finishing up a paper until late the night before it was due.  If I know someone is coming to my house, I will clean really well the day before.  Otherwise, it’s eh, it’ll get done, sometime.  Or not.  I don’t buy gifts until the day before an occasion.  (Still don’t have a Mother’s Day gift for Sunday.)  Even when I have a real deadline, well, if I don’t want to do something, I’m usually late.  I don’t start getting ready until about a half hour before I leave and often, that’s not enough time because I always find something else I need to do before I walk out the door.  I’m late for work nearly every day by about five minutes.  Apparently I am not really wanting to be there LOL!  (Actually, I don’t like being ruled by time.  Good thing I don’t have to punch a time clock!)

When too many things start going through my head, I end up on overload and shut down so nothing new ever gets accomplished.  That’s when I often go trolling in all my computer links for fun and inspiration and to keep from thinking so hard.  Or I go read a book.  It’s a way of running away without physically moving.

Look what I found right after I got the dryer image in my meditation:

The period you are in, we would call it a little like being in an “energy collider”. You might think of it in terms of your washing machines or dryers for clothes – these things which spin at great speed in order to either wash or dry clothes. You are in these cycles at the moment as a planet and it gets faster and faster all of the time. So those of you who are experiencing the collider or should we say those of you trying to avoid the feeling of experiencing the collider while throwing yourself into your work or your family and yet having this gnawing feeling at the perimeter of your energy field that something is a little off – something is a little noisy not far from your reach. It is time to remember your inner body. If you are having a tough time in the months to come, it is very important to remember you have a home within you. ~~The Zs through Lee Harris, from May 2013 Portal Channel

Very apropos.  I guess I am in the “energy collider” cycle.  I need to remember to access Home within more often to help me get through this period.  I sure do notice the difference when I check in with my inner self more often.  I am more at peace and have a better handle on my feelings and situations that come up.  That dryer doesn’t spin as fast if I’m checking in.

Have you noticed how being more conscious is way more work than being unconscious ever was?  LOL! 

Happy Friday!


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