Let It Flow Through

It is time to recognize that you need not assess what is taking place for you on a daily basis.  You can let go of the mind now.  And the days where your emotions are in flux and the days where you are confused about depression, doubt, fear – just allow.  This is the heart doing the work it needs to do.  This is the heart filtering out anything that will not help you for your next stage.  Allow the heart to do its work without judgment of yourself, without fear of yourself, without confusion as to your world. 

~~Zachary through Lee Harris, from Ask the Heart (For It Knows Everything)

I assure you the fastest way to slow yourself down is to judge yourself.  It is the equivalent of pressing the ‘stop’ button. It is the equivalent of pressing a big, red stop. When you stop in the middle of these energies, I assure you;  you will not have a good day.  You will be swimming in the murk.  So see how your own self-judgment leaves you swimming in the murk.  If nothing else, agree to truly take yourselves off the hook.  You have never done anything wrong, whatever you may believe.

~~Ziadora through Lee Harris, from The Heart of Humanity and Energy Speaks

Lee Harris Energy

Every notice how when you judge yourself, you get stuck in a hamster wheel of self loathing?  I can see how that is pressing a stop button.  And for sure, it makes for a lousy day.  Thankfully, it doesn’t last very long for me anymore but I can remember when that used to for last weeks.  I will be picturing that big red Stop sign now if I find myself lost in judgment again, of myself or anyone else.  Stop judging, for it stops me in the middle of those muddy waters. 

Letting go of my mind’s control is a wonderful thing to allow.  Leading with my heart lets me feel instead of analysing (hamster wheel!!). 

Something I’ve never forgotten since I read Jill Bolte Taylor’s experience in My Stoke of Insight is that our emotions flow through our bodies in 90 seconds.  After that, it’s a choice to feel them, again and again.  So, Zachary says to allow them, feel them, let the heart do its job, then let them to pass through you and leave.

Last weekend for example, I was over at my daughter’s house raking leaves with them when my husband showed up with a load in his truck.  On his truck were the kids’ bikes which had been stored at our house.  Weeks ago I had asked him to put air in their tires because the tires were all flat.  I had no idea if he had remembered that.  So I asked him if he had done so and he got really testy with me.  I said, I just asked so stop yelling at me!  And walked away from it.  About twenty minutes later, I was sitting on the picnic bench and he came over, patted me and apologised.  I literally looked at him and said, what for?  I had totally let it go and could not even remember what he might be apologising for!  He had to tell me.  LOL!  That showed me very clearly that I am not hanging onto stuff like I used to…yay me!  Progress!

Today will be a lovely day around here, sunshine, high 70’s, a beautiful day for driving.  All the trees are in bloom now, whites and pinks with leaves opening up on others, and daffodils are happily showing their colors everywhere.  This is my favorite time of the year here.



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  1. strange……I am re-reading the dissapearance of the universe for the 4th time and my lesson is all about forgiveness & the course in miracles…..sure is major work training the brain !!!!!


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