Affirmation of Divinity

I shall no longer hide from my light. I shall no longer argue for my limitations. I fully accept, honor and carry out my Divine plan and service to humanity without resistance (except for when it comes up and then I shall joyfully do the work to name it, claim it & release it.) I easily and gracefully step into my agreed upon Divine Role and I fully embrace Who I Really Am. I shine my light with pure love and compassion & work with my tribe to create true community. I AM HERE. NOW. 

~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

An excellent affirmative statement I intend to use!  This week I have been rereading Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life that I bought many years ago.  It feels new to me with my current perspectives and I am getting a lot out of it, again.  She offers many affirmations to talk to your body and your being, all of which promote healing emotionally and physically.  Since what comes out of your mouth and floats in your thoughts is heard by your body and kept, it is best to offer positive, loving words to yourself instead of harsh or unloving ones.  Affirmations help reprogram your thinking.  As I worked through some things suggested in her book, I unexpectedly discovered pockets of guilt in me that I thought I had let go of long ago.  Affirmations work!  I love the above statement and will use this one to remind myself of my Divinity.


One response

  1. wow thanks for the reminder to re-read this book too. I remember as a teenager, thinkin what would I rather loose… eye sight or hearing. I don’t remember now what I decided…..but now I seem to be loosing both…….hehehe, life sure does listen to our thoughts, and so it is.


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