Pulled Over


As I drove on the highway today, cruising along at 68-ish (speed limit is 65), a large, white tourist bus went flying by me, had to be going 75 anyways.  Neutrally I thought, hmmm, wonder why I never see buses getting pulled over?

Now I have thought this before and it was usually with disgust at the injustice of cars getting tickets for that speed but never the busses that drive as fast or faster.

So I pulled over in the passing lane to get by someone driving a bit slower than me, cruise control still on, not hurrying by, blissfully unconcerned about my speed or how much time it’s taking me to pass this car when I look behind me and there’s a cop car right up in my rear end.  Yikes!  Where did he come from!  Hope that’s not for me…. I had no more than had that particular thought when he put his flashing lights on.  Crap, I turned on my signal and pulled back over in the right lane after passing the other car and waited to see what he would do.  He continued on.  Whew!

Then amazingly, he pulled in behind the bus who had zoomed by me a minute or so ago and flashed his lights.  Wait, what?  Really?

Between the thought of wondering why busses never get pulled over and it actually happening?  About two minutes, max.  I was flabbergasted.  Holy cow, how did that happen?  Did I manifest it?  I seriously have never seen a bus pulled over by a cop!  Instant manifestation, if so.  Or maybe I was picking up on the cop behind me.  Whatever, it was a bit jaw-dropping.  LOL!

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