From Live Kryon Channelling
“What’s Happening? 2004”
Indianapolis, IN – April 4, 2004


Why is it, Human Being, that you’re so afraid of change? When is it going to occur to you that change is like the refreshing sweet stream of spring water? Why is it a virtue to some of you to be rooted in one place? So many Lightworkers have said: “Well, I’m stable, you know. I’m balanced. No one’s going to move me off this center. I’m grounded in my faith and will not move.” Then you go outside and look at nature, and it’s not stable at all! It moves constantly.

Life is always rebalancing itself. It’s always shifting. There’s no spiritual postulate that says you must reach a plateau and stay there. Nothing stays the same around you, did you notice? Put something out in the weather and see how fast it changes. Even large past civilizations are quickly buried so well that they’re often hidden forever.

Nature takes over the landscape because it’s always shifting and changing. It’s not afraid, you see? It’s constantly rebalancing itself. This is a subject we’ll begin to teach about soon – that fear of change is a very old energy paradigm that must be realized and conquered.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

Strikes a chord here.  I like change, usually.  I have always been one to rearrange my home on a regular basis.  I would move furniture and wall decor, not only around a room but from room to room.  My family would come home and fall over things that weren’t there when they left.  I have been known to move contents of my kitchen cupboards and drawers and the family would say, where did you put the …. now?  I took up camping just so we could go off to new places and do new things on a budget.  I would plan the destination but not always what we would do.  We would often get there and look over the area and then choose the fun thing to do.  You also know I often get an urge and then take off on my own to visit family or perhaps, even go to Panama  🙂 .  My job involves me being in new places on a regular basis.  I have driven this area for over eight years, Monday through Friday, and still, every week I get to explore a new backroad or highway.  I get to challenge myself to see if I can get there and not get lost in the process lol, and I get to see new scenery.  I love it this part of my job!
My family, and most people I know here, would rather things never changed.  Day after day, they get up, go to work, come home, eat, do chores, go to bed, and do it all again the next day.  And they seem content with that.  I don’t think they understand that I feel like I’m stifled and dying a bit to always have things remain the same.  The thought of remaining in the same place, doing the same thing for the rest of my life until I die is repugnant to me.  I might as well be still asleep.  Or go to sleep and never get back up again. 
I enjoy changes.   
Yet, there is a small part of me that is still resisting the big change my heart wants to make.  It’s a huge change and will upset a lot of people, no doubt.  But it’s my life.  I’m getting closer, little by little and the resistance is being worn down. 
Change, to me, refreshes my brain, boosts my energy, and gets the creative flowing.  It recharges and excites me and I look forward to it, especially if I am the one who initiates it.  If it’s foisted on me, I have to admit, I do resist it a bit.  Truly, that is what life is, change, because no matter what some people believe, life is not static, ever, down to the smallest atom.  Static is so boring to me while change feels enervating and inspiring.  I’m ready for some new inspiration, that’s for sure. 
Thanks for this train of thought, Kryon. 
Have a lovely Monday!  Off to go drive some new roads! 

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