Meanderings and Mutterings

For the first time since I started this blog, I have begun and deleted several posts.  It’s like I don’t have anything very coherent to write.  It’s all over the place, I’m all over the place.  The paragraphs have rambled and ended up not where I started, kind of like me right now.  So here I go again….

For the last two weeks, I have had vertigo off and on, and depending on how I turn my head or how fast I move, my brain does a little spinning dance.  With all the solar flares, energies flooding the planet and some energy work I had done recently, I feel dizzy a lot.  I never get dizzy so this is weird and very disorienting.

Being dizzy has also not been conducive to writing or to being clear enough to set into motion all I need to do to make big changes.  I did set up my own bank account last week so I feel good about that – it’s been 25 years since the last one.  And to make it all feel even more unsettling, my husband is being so sweet and nice and over-the-top affectionate (he goes through these periods) that it makes me feel quite unwilling to burst his bubble right now.  Though mine has definitely burst….

On the fun side, I am participating in two online group attunement classes on FB right now.  Both I found through knowing Erin Mackley and I think I will get a lot out of these attunements and classes.  One is for the Ray of Compassion through Quan Yin and the other is called the Prosperity Program about transforming our relationship to money.  Really interesting and I am excited about both.  Although the attunement we got Friday for Compassion really didn’t help my dizziness.  Wheee!

Temperatures dropped again yesterday, brrrrr, we even had snowflakes, darn it!  This after not wearing a coat most of last week.  Daffodils are blooming, birds are busy chirping and even the peepers are out.  I was excited to hear the peepers this week, it’s a sure sign of spring around here.  Then it snowed.  LOL.  Go figure.

My daughter and I had an issue a few days ago and for a moment I got upset but I worked through it, realising that it was about me, not her and the other person involved.  She did apologise for hurting me, but she didn’t need to.  And the next day, she brought me over a gift (coffee! my girl knows me lol) and invited me out the following day.  For the first time in a month, we got together and had dinner Saturday, just us.  It was nice to be with her again but I do understand now that we both can and will do fine without the other.  However, I am ever so thankful for Skype!  That way I will be able to see them and visit visually whenever we want when I am gone from this area.

I have recently become fascinated with face reading and what it says about a person.  I found Jean Haner (no accidents, right?) and one of these days I will buy her book and study this ancient branch of Chinese medicine.  Her website is here if you are interested in more information The Wisdom of Your Face.  It has made conscious of what my face says and why and where I have the lines I do, what my features say about me.  And boy, does it all fit.  It’s like astrology only clearly written on your face.

So, there you have it.  One messed up, ramble-y blog post.  Now you know how my mind and life is functioning lately lol.



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    • lol sumr! I had an energy session with someone this week and he fixed it! Yay! He said that my body was having a difficult time keeping up with the raise in my vibrations, the energies coming in, etc. so he asked my team to slow it down so the body can catch up and he balanced things out for me. Whew! What a difference. I figured my body was having a hard time adjusting but I didn’t know how to ease it up.


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