Attachment to Outcome

Funny what comes your way when you let go of the “need” for it.  At my job, I and my other transporters have asked for years for a van to transport larger families and for when we have to take someone to get groceries or go pick up their belongings to move them to another place.  It just makes sense to have  a van at our disposal.  Eight years I have asked why we couldn’t have a van, we need a van, I want a van!   I pounded my fist and cursed the powers-that-be for being stupid and uncaring.  And every time we got new vehicles (every three years), we got another car, and I was once again disappointed.  Year after year, we have been told they cannot accommodate that request.

 This year it wasn’t my turn for a new car, mine was last year, and I didn’t care what vehicle we got either year.  A van was a passing thought but never on my radar.  Basically, not only do I not care anymore what I drive for work, I know it’s likely I won’t be here long enough to enjoy a van even if we got one.  We work with what we have and it’s fine with me.

I have let go of all attachment to outcome in this scenario.

So guess what?  Friday we were told we were getting two (TWO!!) new vans this May!  Ummm, what???  Me??  A new car?  Really?!  I just got a new car last year, it is my co-worker’s turn for a new one!  Needless to say, we are totally shocked.  It seems my current car will go into the fleet and I’ll get one of the new vans instead.  That has never been done, replacing a car before it has been driven 3 years. let alone both of us getting a van.  I’m still shaking my head over this.

Now I wonder what else is available in me that I can let go of -what tightly gripped, single-minded, desired outcome is stopping up an even better one?  I wonder….? 


3 responses

  1. Well done! It makes me wonder too what would happen if we just state preferences without any attachments to any outcome and then just trust ourselves and watch it move … probably pure abundance and we couldn´t believe or bear it 😉


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