From your non-physical Light Being Soul Self, when you had more access to the Big Picture and the Grand Divine Plan, you chose your parents and life experiences for the maximum Soul Growth opportunities in this lifetime. As a physical Human Being Soul, you have the choice to take those opportunities for growth and Soul expansion, or you can fight it all the way, complaining and getting lost in blame, what happened and what was done to you. Life is so much easier when you embrace your life experiences and lessons, grab the golden nuggets from every experience and LEAP forward so that you don’t have to do it again in this lifetime or in the next. Give your Soul a break today, let go of the story and blame and anger and embrace the Divine Spark of Light that you are who came to experience physical life in the perfect way for YOU. You chose and agreed to it, after all. ~
where I dragged you
Hahaha I have been dragged more than once, kicking and screaming, into something I thought I didn’t want to do………

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