Yes, This is My Creation

I was looking through the Eloheim/Veronica videos for something in particular and I had to share these two video about creating our lives.  So many good videos, but I never forgot this from a few years ago with the particular analogy of Pin the Tail on the Donkey –  about our life plan and being “overachieving Lightworkers”.  I have laughed over this story a lot in my head whenever I get to making things so complicated.

This first one is Veronica channeling the Visionaries then Eloheim using the analogy that makes me laugh.

They second one they talk about how not only is it important to acknowledge that we create what we don’t like in our life but that we create all the good stuff as well.  They say we are usually waiting for “the other shoe to drop” when we are having fun and not really enjoying it.

Yes, I created this. All of it.


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