Once we truly really start surrendering into ‘My life needs to change and I AM WILLING to open to whatever that brings’ … Things will ‘fall apart’ and plunge us into ‘What do I want to create?’ aka “What is my passion?” aka “What am I here for?” Our SOUL will stop at nothing to get us to pay ATTENTION. Whatever is feeling ‘stuck’ is a great place to begin- because there’s so much energy right under the ‘Stuck’ if we open to ‘Show Me’ what this ‘stuck’ is about- rather than wishing to be rescued. Stuck is trying to not let us settle for anything less than our PASSION and we may need to get p*ssed off at God, Universe etc. for that “Passion” to reveal itself. If you’re focused on what you can’t or don’t have – love, money, a partner- it’s a distraction- because it’s ‘easier’ to focus on that- rather than what you DO HAVE within you- that you’re not allowing yourself to FEEL.
Surrender Dorothy! ~ wrote the Wicked Witch of the West in the sky.  I saw this scene from the Wizard of Oz drift by in my vision as I read this.  I hear you.
And word of warning, don’t ask if you don’t want to hear the answers.  Or never actually do anything about it.  Stuck is hamster wheel stuff.  You get nowhere.  With no new insights.

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