Testing Testing


Sunday I brought home the louvered closet doors from my daughter’s place so I could spray paint them.  There is just no room over there to do it without standing in mud right now. 

Turns out, it was quite windy so I wandered all around my house looking for just the right spot to set up with the least amount of wind.  Much too windy out front, same for the east side, back side was slightly less windy.  Around another section of the house, still in the back, it was even less windy but still, I was not sure.  It was still gusting now and then even in the more protected spots.  Kept walking and found the west side to be about the same windiness.  So I decided to chance it and stay in the back to spray paint. 

As I walked back there to set up with the doors and the plastic to cover the wall so I didn’t spray my house, I suddenly remembered I have The Power!  I set up the doors and said, very firmly and seriously, Ok wind, you need to stop blowing while I am spraying these doors.  (It can’t hurt to ask, right?)

I went back to get the paint.  When I came back and thought about painting, I realised, hey, there was no wind at all!!!   No wind.  It had stopped.  How cool!

The wind did not blow the whole time I was spray painting.  Two hours it took and each time I went back to add another coat, no wind. 

Amazing when we can command even the wind.  I love it!



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