Drama in the mind

You will be amazed how many times the heart will be completely at peace when the mind is creating great drama.  When this occurs you know you are merely clearing your mind and you can rest easy that the mind is merely battling, fighting you, fighting the heart, fighting for control…afraid, afraid to let go of all the beliefs it would choose to hold so fast to.  So when this occurs, when a mind is in a state and the heart is at peace and at ease, that is a wonderful opportunity to relax and to realize there is no drama in your world.  It is just the mind doing its thing and you are allowing the mind to clean itself, to rid itself of these negative thoughts, these limiting beliefs and emotions. So stay with the heart.  When you start to believe the conspiracy that the mind would be offering you, trying to pull you back, just tune back into this peace with the heart and then you will know the truth.
~~Zachary through Lee, from Relationships

2 responses

  1. So so true.
    I tell my mind when it starts to spiral out of control, how much I love you, and thankful for being so protective and cautious, but it’s now time to let the heart take over, just relax and let it go, let it go, let it go. with each deep breath taken the heart is growing stronger.


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