Panama, Here We Come!

Hello My Friends,
Yes the time is drawing near for my next trip to Panama….

I apologize for not posting anything new for quite some time, but it has been a busy time since Dorothy and I returned from the last trip to Panama in December. This trip I get to introduce a mutual friend of mine and Dorothy’s to Panama. I feel she will fall in love with with Panama and it’s people, just as Dorothy and I did. We are departing March 6th and returning around the end of March.
As you know, I go each time for medical procedures, and this trip will include more than usual. I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends to travel with me on my journeys. I know in my heart that they are each a part of my soul family, and I treasure them as my sisters… I am so fortunate to have such wonderful women in my life. They have each touched my heart more than you can imagine. I am also so fortunate to have Lisa Gawlas in my life now, it’s like having my own personal cheer-leader whenever I need her. Many thanks to you all!

I promise to try to post about our adventures more frequently once we get there, for the first week anyway. The second week is when my surgeries will be performed, so we’ll just have to see how it goes from there. Perhaps I can persuade my travel companion to keep you all posted on how things are going 🙂

I am looking forward to my time there again. I feel like I belong there, so we shall see what opportunities present themselves along the way. In the 2 short weeks that Dorothy and I were there, we met and befriended several people with whom I’ve kept in touch and will visit with again during this next stay. Each one in their own special way have proven to be stepping stones of encouragement ,love, and opportunity. I feel their tugs on my heart strings, and I know without a doubt that they were placed along our path for special reasons.

Many thanks to Dorothy for allowing me to share here, and for those of you who choose to follow along.

With Love Always,


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